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5335 E. 2nd St.
Long Beach, CA 90803-5335
Located in the boutique-heavy Belmont Shore region of Long Beach, Shannon's is a watering hole for those who aren't inclined to dye their immaculately-coifed poodles hot pink. And though the barroom is no nonsense— offering up standard, but stiffly mixed drinks, as well as beers by the bottle and tap—it's large. Taking up a half of the impossibly narrow room, the bartop is long and its most distant regions are typically obscured by throngs of merry revelers. The far end of the room opens up a bit and features a two small booths. Keep going, and you'll eventually find the single pool table. The wood-panelled walls call to mind the innards of an old-timey ship, and are adorned with dollar bills autographed by regular patrons. There are also two gold records hanging near the front of the room, reportedly gifts of the band Sublime, whose members used to drink there. Eleven flat-screen TVs flicker an assortment of sporting events and beers on tap include Bud Light, Coors Light, Pyramid Hefenweizen, Blue Moon and Newcastle. Highlights of the bottled variety include Pacifica and Killian's Red.
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