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4712 E 7th St.
Long Beach, CA 90804


  • Dinner, Lunch
Seoulmate is a Korean restaurant in Long Beach. It’s nothing but a walk-up window under a pink A-frame roof, and it doesn’t have parking. There’s a 30-minute loading zone, but that’s it. In a post-Kogi world, it serves bulgogi burritos, but when you eat it, you’re not thinking about how there’s kimchi instead of pico de gallo, sesame-oil-scented bulgogi instead of carne asada. Instead, you’re thinking about how good a burrito it is, one that has somehow managed to transcend its fusion-y novelty. Seoulmate’s signature dish is actually Korean mom food. It’s a recipe that owner Jason Kang got from his mother that he simply calls “Mom’s kimchi pork stew.” You hunch over it as you eat, your face warmed by its vapors, your soul invigorated by the smell of garlic. In this lava-red broth floats cubes of tofu, strips of pork belly and seemingly never-ending layers of kimchi. You moisten a mound of rice with it, the whole thing emitting curls of steam that shroud your entire head.

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