1661 Ivar St.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Roxbury +

Lina Lecaro Bar art.

It's got a decidedly different feel from the original A list hub - immortalized, for better or worse, by the Will Farrell flick "Night At the Roxbury" - but the new Rox is definitely as opulent as one might expect. In the space that was for many years known as Ivar, the decadent environs has been resuscitated by partner Elie Samaha (Playhouse) and there's a lot to look at, both decor and crowd-wise (Paris Hilton has hung out a couple times). Pleather roses on one wall, steel sculptures above the center bar and back-lit quotations brandish the walls everywhere. Currently, Fridays - promoted by Sean Patrick, Michael Utsinger and Louis Carreon with input from Giant's Dave Dean - get the biggest crowds. Look good (and have a good girl-to-guy ratio if in a group) or you may not get in.