Richard Telles Fine Art

7380 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • Tue-Sat 11am-5pm

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  • Thomas Eggerer
    4 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    The scene in Thomas Eggerer’s 10-foot tall Heavy Harvest, the centerpiece of his small show at Richard Telles, doesn’t quite make sense. It’s an army of evenly spaced men working in a field, harvesting a crop that's invisible. The m...

  • The Motorman
    11 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    The current show at Richard Telles, which includes artist Alex Hubbard's well-crafted, stocked bar the size of a phone booth, is worth seeing mostly because it's funny how much effort the artists put into making objects nearly funct...

  • Things to do with broken windows
    2 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    Ivan Morley's A True Tale paintings were painted onto cracked glass, then peeled off and affixed to aluminum, but it might not matter much whether you know this or not. You'll still get that sense of a shattered surface when you loo...

  • Let there be many lights
    2 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    British curator Matthew Higgs, who's good at leveling playing fields, organized Richard Telles Fine Art's new show, "Illuminations." It's full of artist-made lamps, so its title couldn't be more apt. But the effect isn't as obvious ...

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