Napoleon and Josephine

7212 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, California
Critics' Pick
There are plenty of transportive restaurants in Los Angeles, plenty of places where you could look around and imagine yourself to be in Korea or Mexico or Russia. Napoleon and Josephine, the new Melrose Avenue restaurant that opened in December, is just such a place, although the location to which it transports you is a bit of a fantasy. Still, it's a damn cute fantasy, one that has Corsica as its inspiration.The dining room is just plain adorable, if you go in for the European old-china/lace-doily/vintage-lamp look. It really does feel like the overstuffed home of a French granny, and the dark red booths and mismatched fresh flowers on every table make it one of the most overtly romantic rooms in town. Unsurprisingly, it was booked solid through Valentine's weekend. Apart from that, it's barely been booked at all. The restaurant has been weirdly empty since opening. I'm not sure why this is, but it might have to do with how old-fashioned the whole thing feels, from the decor to the food. --Besha Rodell

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