My Studio

6623 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
My Studio +

Lina Lecaro

The "My" concept that worked so well for the Syndicate Hospitality Group's Tony Daly and David Judaken (the club powers behind My House and Opera/Crimson) is taken to artistic new levels at My Studio. While My House mimics a swingin' bachelor pad, My Studio attempts to capture a multipurpose studio (one wall suggests photography, another music, and another art). D├ęcor-wise, it's way plush, outdoing even Judaken's previous club in this space, Mood. The open-roofed smoking room at the rear is particularly stunning -- melding industrial touches with gilded details -- if not quite as open as nonsmokers might like. Tuesdays are currently the "it" night, with celeb-magnet host Josh Richman wrangling in the A-list set. DJs spin anything that gets crowds moving: Britney, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, etc.