Lost Studio

130 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  • The Vacancy Has Colorful Dialogue, But It's Not Clear What It's Trying to Say
    11 months ago by Deborah Klugman

    The Vacancy is one of those dark comedies that challenges you to figure out just what it’s trying to say. Written and directed by Jeptha Storm, it features colorful dialogue and potentially vivid characters, neither of which quite m...

  • The Motherfucker With the Hat
    1 year ago by Bill Raden

    Just when you thought the savagely scabrous sex farce had gone the way of manual typewriters and telephone booths, along comes The Motherfucker With the Hat, Stephen Adly Guirgis' gleefully blasphemous, high-velocity 2011 rumination...

  • Rx
    1 year ago by Bill Raden

    Is there a prescription for happiness? That's the question at the heart of Rx, Kate Fodor's featherweight 2012 satire of both the rapaciousness of Big Pharma and America's propensity to treat life's deeper disappointments with whate...

  • Tony Kushner's A Bright Room Called Day Gets a Revival
    2 years ago by Steven Leigh Morris

    Tony Kushner's A Bright Room Called Day was first presented as a workshop in 1985 at New York's Theatre 22, before receiving its premiere at San Francisco's Eureka Theatre in 1987, directed by Oskar Eustis — who runs New York'...

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