Kayne Griffin Corcoran

1201 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
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  • Surface to Air: Los Angeles Artists of the '60s
    12 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    Ed Ruscha, the L.A. icon known for bold pop paintings and for photographing every building on the Sunset Strip, made a film in 1975 called Miracle. In it, a mechanic gets progressively more obsessed with getting the '65 Mustang he's...

  • Seventeen versions of coupledom
    1 year ago by Catherine Wagley

    Because they switch intermittently from Super 8 to HD and from black-and-white to color, and because one character has a satyr's face and pours red wine on his naked lover, the 17 vignettes in Dara Friedman's film Play are eerie. Ea...

  • Out of proportion
    2 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    New York artist Carol Bove's sculptures are usually tableaux of found objects -- maybe there's a book on a shelf open to show a rendering of a tulip, a vase on a pedestal or driftwood suspended from the ceiling. They always feel tas...

  • Death-ship comedy
    3 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    See H.C. Westermann's art for the first time and you might take him to be a self-taught folk craftsman, obsessed with the ravages of war and burdened with a savage sense of humor. You'd be half right. Westermann did fixate on warfar...

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