Howlin’ Ray’s

727 N. Broadway Ave., #128
Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Howlin’ Ray’s

Anne Fishbein Howlin' Ray's chicken sandwich with pickles

Part of the allure of Howlin’ Ray’s is undoubtedly the dare that lies at the end of that line: How hot can you handle? There are six levels of heat, and anything above the third level, called "medium," is hot enough that it comes with a warning. "Do not touch your face after eating the chicken," the guy at the cash register warns if you order anything "hot" or higher: "You will burn your skin." Most of the media given toHowlin’ Ray’s revolves around that intense heat, and you can find plenty of videos on the internet of sweaty dudes sitting at the picnic tables in front of Howlin’ Ray’s, swooning and exclaiming over L.A.'s hottest chicken. —Besha Rodell
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