Hollywood THC Collective

5322 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


  • Daily 9am-3pm
Come on down to Hollywood THC and get the best quality medication in town! WE'RE OPEN EVERYDAY NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, 9AM-3AM Medication is LAB TESTED for SAFETY and POTENCY by SC LABS Hollywood THC is a proud member of Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act 1996. We look forward to providing quality health services for the residents of the state of California. We have been one of the leaders in compassionate care-giving for the last 3 years simply due to the fact that we put our patients first! Each step we take is with our patients in mind. Our medicine is top quality and we always maintain a wide variety of strains. We promise you a fun and memorable experience each time you visit! Hollywood THC is our home away from home that we welcome you all to make it your home away from home too! Our Staff is highly professional and dedicated to providing the perfect strain for all of your needs. So come down to Hollywood THC so we can show you and provide you with excellent service and fantastic medicine! You MUST bring with you your California ID and ORIGINAL Recommendation letter. For patients who are California residents but don't have a California ID you must bring some sort of valid ID and provide proof of residence (i.e. State issued Water or Power bill in YOUR name or DMV receipt. LEASE AGREEMENTS, CAR REGISTRATION, OR CELL PHONE BILLS ARE NOT ACCEPTED). For our returning patients who are over 21, please bring with you your California ID every time and, if you are under 21, you must bring both your California ID and Original Recommendation letter with you every time. WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN EVERYDAY FROM 9AM - 3AM AND YES, THIS MEANS 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR, HOLIDAYS INCLUDED!! NEW PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!! EARLY BIRD SPECIALS FROM 11AM-3PM: $5 off 1/8's!!!!! 4 GRAM 1/8'S FROM 3PM-6PM EVERYDAY!!!!! 2$ OFF ALL EDIBLES 6PM-3AM EVERYDAY!!! Referrals: With a minimum donation of $20, you will receive $5 off OR 1 free joint. IF YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT, BRING YOUR SCHOOL ID AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT!!! LEAVE US A 5 STAR REVIEW AND WE'LL GIVE YOU AN OG JOINT ON YOUR NEXT VISIT!! Daily Specials Monday : $5 off all 1/8's Tuesday : Free Joint w/ minimum donation of $20 Wednesday : 4GRAM 1/8's Thursday : $45 CAP on all 1/8's that are $55 or less Friday : 2 grams for $35 Saturday : Free swisher when you buy an 1/8 Sunday: First time patient deals!: Free joint and sample when you get a gram! or $5 off 1/8 or $10 off 1/4 WE NOW HAVE A REWARDS CARD PROGRAM! COME IN AND PICK ONE UP! AFTER 9 VISITS YOU GET SOMETHING FOR FREE! ADD US ON FACEBOOK AND FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!! Also as a small incentive to all of our patients, tax is always covered by US!!!! So come visit us here at Hollywood THC and get a real taste of what Hollywood has to offer in holistic medicine!!! We can guarantee you that if you come visit our dispensary we will earn the title of YOUR favorite dispensary!