Heaven On Earth Alliance

4703 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90037


  • Sun 10am - 10pm Mon 10am - 8pm Tue 10am - 8pm Wed 10am - 10pm Thu 10am - 11pm Fri 10am - 11pm Sat 10am - 11pm
Welcome to LA's HOTTEST Collective for 2011/2012. We provide the most compassionate service in Southern Cali. Med's are fresh and grade "A". Welcome to our collective registered with the City of Los Angeles, in compliance with the States Medical Marijuana Health and Safety Codes: 11362.5(A), 11362.7,11362.765 (a) (b),11362.77 (a) (b) (f). We welcome patients in our cannabis club who are 18 and over with valid recommendation and valid California ID. We strive to have the highest quality medication, with great Member service for all our patients