Ganda Siamese Cuisine

5269 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


  • Takeout
The Hollywood Thai restaurant Ganda Siamese Cuisine features a crispy catfish so good, it will make you rethink your definitions of "crispy" and "catfish." The fish is sliced up and fried past an inch of its life and covered in a fiery red paste full of galangal, chiles and Kaffir lime leaves, becoming a chewy, crunchy, pungent catfish jerky, more complex and heady than one could possibly expect to find on a steam table. The frying is so prolonged that almost all the moisture is drawn out, and its bones, all of which are left intact, become edible and brittle like hard candy. Yum. Small, cozy, and known for its friendly service, this is a great place to take adventurous eaters -- Panda Express lovers, stay home.


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