Caruso's Pizza

13737 Foothill Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91342
Not-so-conveniently situated in the same semi-residential strip mall as Shakey’s, Caruso’s Pizza is one of those old-school joints that’s so old school it doesn’t even have a web site. It doesn’t need one – the locals have been eating here since 1972. The bar is new, but the rest of the no-fuss atmosphere, with its brown booths and dim lighting, just enhances hearty, tried-and-true Italian staples like pasta, chicken, veal, seafood and pizza, which only comes in medium, large and giant sizes. (Small is for suckers). Same goes for some of the daunting-looking subs, and the calzones, too, can be made with extra everything. In other words, wear loose clothing or bring a couple of additional mouths to help pitch in. If you’re attempting portion control and would like to pick and choose, the restaurant’s big draw is its seven-day-a-week lunch buffet, which offers nearly all of the above. —Siran Babayan


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