Beijing Restaurant

250 W. Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Best Of
A restaurant off of Valley Boulevard, Beijing Restaurant offers what it promises – authentic, Northern Chinese food. As is typical of grub from the north, the menu is filled with skewers, lamb and cumin-flavored dishes. Try the lamb pao mo (the Chinese equivalent of gnocchi, but miniature) in broth for a cold-day comfort meal. The lamb isn’t too gamey, and the pao mo absorbs the soup like a sponge. They also serve up a mean zha jiang mian, thick wheat noodles topped with a generous helping of minced meat and bean paste. Don’t come expecting a light meal, because heartiness -- and a lot of good company -- is what Northern food is all about. Though service isn’t great, it’s part of what makes the place feel like Beijing. The star of the menu is the lamb pancake, which is cooked to golden perfection. The crispy exterior envelopes juicy lamb meat oozing with sesame oil.

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