1710 Silver Lake Blvd.
Silver Lake, CA 90026
Alimento +

Anne FIshbein Yellowtail collar affumicato


  • Sun. & Tue.-Thu., 5:30-10 p.m.; Fri. & Sat., 5:30-midnight
  • Dinner
  • Beer/Wine
  • Street Parking, Valet Parking
We adored Zach Pollack’s small Cali-Italian Silver Lake restaurant when it opened in 2014. It was exactly the type of intimate, quality restaurant the neighborhood needed. But over the last year, something remarkable has happened. Alimento has gotten better. And better. To the point where we now call it one of the best restaurants in the city. Many of the things that were delicious when Alimento opened remain delicious — the mortadella pig in a blanket, the escolar crudo with eggplant and fennel pollen — but Pollack seems to have ramped up his cooking, refined his flavors, taken more unexpected turns. We’ve all had burrata on bruschetta, but Pollack tops his with a pile of juicy, bitter-at-the-edge, braised lettuce, which interacts magically with the creamy cheese. A 40-ounce rib-eye comes with potato fonduta, smoked and roasted mushrooms, and a gloriously funky salsa verde that brings the whole dish into brilliant, umami-rich focus. This is a chef at the very top of his game. —Besha Rodell
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