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Photo by Susan Slade Sanchez


  • Kid Friendly
This 400-seat theatre is located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. It holds the American Cinematheque's acclaimed programming which includes classic film screenings as well as special presentations of new releases.

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  • The Lady Eve, The Palm Beach Story
    7 months ago by Michael Nordine

    The Aero continues its 75th-anniversary festivities starting at 7:30 with The Lady Eve and The Palm Beach Story, two Preston Sturges comedies from the early 1940s. A key influence on the Coen brothers (who even named O Brother, Wher...

  • Big 10-Year Anniversary Movie Trivia Contest
    7 months ago by Sean J. O'Connell

    Movie nerds are not hard to come by in L.A.. Valets in this town can list the complete works of Robert Altman. Those valets should head to the Big 10-Year Anniversary Movie Trivia Contest at the Aero for a chance to win free tickets...

  • Cradle Will Rock, With Tim Robbins in Person
    7 months ago by Michael Nordine

    Tim Robbins probably will always be best known for his work in front of the camera, but his work behind it is impressive as well. In 1999’s Cradle Will Rock — screening at the Aero Theatre at 7:30 with the writer-director in person ...

  • It Happened One Night, Platinum Blonde
    8 months ago by Michael Nordine

    The Aero’s Frank Capra retrospective closes this evening with It Happened One Night and Platinum Blonde at 7:30. There’s never a bad time to watch the Clark Gable/Claudette Colbert confection It Happened, which won all five major Os...

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