Actual Size Gallery

741 New High St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


  • Sun,Sat 12pm-5pm

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  • Light and space mash-up
    3 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    In artist James Turrell's pieces that he calls Sky Spaces or Ganzfelds, you enter pristine, expensively constructed structures and stare into windows of neon, fluorescent or even natural light that entirely skew your depth perceptio...

  • History Hoarder
    4 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    Artist Aaron Wrinkle transferred his studio into Actual Size's small Chinatown gallery, installing his own ceiling tiles, paintings and worn Persian rug. It looks like a shrine to 20th-century art history — you think of Mir&oac...

  • Pacific Standard Time to Night Gallery: The Year in L.A. Art
    4 years ago by Andrew Berardini

    This past year, Los Angeles has been haunted by dreams of itself. For years, I've passed the Olive Motel on Sunset in Silver Lake — such a strange stray dog of a building, eminently adoptable. I've thought of trying to buy it ...

  • Victorian L.A. With a Modern Soundtrack
    4 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    If you've seen Robert Altman's classic Western McCabe and Mrs. Miller, you know how much sway the sad, satirical Leonard Cohen score has over the film's aura. A similar mood pervades Gustavo Herrera and Spencer Douglass's installati...


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