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7313 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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    3 years ago by Lovell Estell III

    America does offer equal opportunity for all when it comes to gun violence. That's the disquieting motif of Stephen Sondheim's brutally funny musical (book by John Weidman), which celebrates the horrific deeds of history's most infa...

  • Magnum Opus Theatre Presents: Surf Dogs Unite
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    As with most strokes of genius, the sheer comic brilliance of Joe Jordan and Vanessa Claire Stewart's tour de force of malicious movie-biz mockery lies in the blinding simplicity of its central question: How bad can bad writing get?...

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    A lacerating satire of the self-abnegating and dog-whipped Russian soul under the Czarist boot heel, Nikolai Gogol's 1834 short-prose masterpiece about a petty bureaucrat's dizzying plunge into the lowest depths of madness isn't exa...