24th Street Theater

1117 W. 24th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
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  • In This Holiday Play, the Head of a Recycling Plant Can Get His Moment in the Spotlight
    1 year ago by Jenny Lower

    Before the opening performance of La Víspera (The Eve) at 24th Street Theatre, a young man named Edgar translates the pre-show welcome into Spanish for the bilingual audience. When he stumbles over the Spanish word for “rehearsal,” ...

  • Huraclown
    3 years ago by Lovell Estell III

    To paraphrase Stephen Sondheim, this is one clown you should send in, for a good time and some soul-healing laughter. Aziz Gual has been working his magic for decades, graduating from Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and...

  • Walking the Tightrope
    3 years ago by Paul Birchall

    Given that so many examples of children's theater are simply appalling -- the equivalent of Muffin the Puppet singing "Sharing Is Caring and Obey your Parents" or some such rubbish -- what a pleasure it is to see a work, aimed at a ...


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