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Be one of the 144,000 people meditating during the Harmonic Concordance, Grand Sextile, total lunar moon eclipse on November 8-9, and maybe all together we can bring back some vestige of peace, harmony and brotherhood. If the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 changed some people's lives for the better, perhaps the universal appeal of the Concordance will do the same for the rest. With such amazing astrological support, two powerful streams of positive energy emanating from two Grand Trines, it's worth a try.


The pressure may be subtle - assuming that no one is hitting you on the head - but Chiron in your Capricorn midheaven can be a more potent healing force than you're aware of. While the mind is open and the spirit is willing, you could finally comprehend the complexity of a career matter you can't get past or the ramifications of a family situation that continues to affect you. Because stabilizing Saturn is lending support, this would be an excellent time to plug away at whatever passes for responsible adult behavior nowadays.


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Let your partner do it. Because the Taurus full moon is about to be totally eclipsed, you might not be functioning at full strength. If you are feeling spaced, not quite "all there," it's best to go with the flow and let your mind wander where it will. There's a strong spiritual hit to the cosmic events scheduled for this weekend, and your presence, such as it is, was requested by your higher power. Next weekend, when a tempting physical attraction is calling the shots, you can get involved again in the games people play.


A surge of enthusiasm, the insight that breaks through the negativity clouding your vision of the immediate future is just beyond reach. It may take a few days after your Mercury ruler crosses from crisis-conscious Scorpio to optimistic Sagittarius on the 11th to notice the change in attitude, but it is coming. Rather than dwell on obstacles, use the infusion of light and laughs to rise to the occasion and check out the opportunity you'll be offered in another week or so. Meanwhile, beware the green-eyed monster; someone is jealous.


Like the ocean, watery Crabs are ruled by Luna's magnetic force. Because the full-moon eclipse this weekend is in Taurus, the sign in which Luna is exalted, the significance of the cosmic event can resonate deep within the heart of the Moon Child. Whether or not you come through the experience convinced that a Scorpionic metamorphosis has taken place, know that from this weekend on, a crucial element of a romantic relationship or a friendship will be changed. Your identification with a group, like the eclipsed moon, may also disappear.


The lunar eclipse puts tremendous emphasis on your sun ruler's dominant or domineering qualities and, by association, on yours as well. Sol is also having an appreciable effect on signs ruled by Saturn and Mars - the Capricorns, Aries and Scorpios currently seeking your approval - as well as on the Cancers and Pisces who are providing emotional support. With so much interaction going on, you'd be wise to think twice before assuming another leadership role. What, besides ego gratification, is in it for you? Maybe a house.


Your higher mind and the route you take to access it could turn out to be the focus of this weekend's spectacular lunar eclipse. Mainly because this eclipse accentuates both your rational thought process, the Virgo forte, and your religious or philosophical bent, you may get caught up in the spiritual implications of the Harmonic Concordance. Although Virgins rarely go far out on a limb, having protective Jupiter in your sign will serve as a safety net. The primary obstacle: argumentative Mars in your Pisces house of partners.


This weekend's lunar eclipse takes place across your financial axis, so don't be surprised if you become obsessed by a money matter or have an inexplicable urge to acquire something that has a special meaning to you alone. Artists, militants and professional politicians can benefit, both materially and reputation-wise, from a rewarding relationship between the sun, Mars and Saturn, the purely masculine planetary energies. Just be careful that you don't overstep your authority. The rest find other amusements, like hanky-panky, midweek.


Your family's support is a given. Whether or not you've spoken to them in the last decade, this week they'll be there for you. The solemn, stone-faced patriarch suddenly becomes a compassionate, the harpy sheds her horrible attitude. Must be the Harmonic Concordance and the potential of the Grand Sextile to change people's lives! A good deal of the planetary energy in this rare configuration involves you, a significant other, money from or in the bank, and the wise counsel of an experienced colleague.


Once the dramatic full moon is on the wane, concentrate on what magnetic Venus in your sign is doing and who she is attracting. A la-di-dah atmosphere sets the stage for the come-on line Neptune may lay on you. Never mind; there's sure to be action when the goddess and horny Mars exchange meaningful looks on the 12th. No matter how tempting, think twice before starting a new relationship under those auspices. As Venus approaches Pluto, suspicions and jealousies build up, only to erupt in a climax of Olympian proportions next weekend.


When all is said and done, when the Harmonic Concordance becomes the historical event you'll date your future growth from, there'll be you and your feelings about a significant other. Too heavy to handle? Patience wearing thin? Tired of playing shrink? Getting the urge to visit faraway places? So many messages might distract you from consulting your main source of emotional sustenance right now: an acquaintance with no vested interest in your relationship saga. If you know one, seek this perceptive person out. Talk it over.


Concentrate on your career since that is the area of your life the full-moon eclipse is highlighting. Issues regarding your domestic scene will probably fade away of their own accord, but work, your r??sum?? and your reputation need some serious attention. Especially the stuff you don't want people to know about. Because myth-making Neptune is in your sign, putting the proper spin on your history should be relatively easy, and, thanks to a helping hand from affable Venus, it can be the version most folks will buy into.


Having assertive Mars in your sign for another month should help you focus on achieving one thing at a time, instead of scattering your energies in assorted directions, pursuing whatever objective captures your fancy. Since Mars is in a favorable trine aspect with stabilizing Saturn, it would be a good idea to call on experienced elders for any help you may need. Mars tends to slash and burn as it races to accomplish what it set out to do. Please remember to take extra precautions when you're around metal objects and hot animal, mineral or vegetable stuff.

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