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There is a wild feeling, a sense of surprise, about this weekend that the impressionable, emotional Pisces full moon Sunday night only acerbates. Be careful. Then on Monday, power-crazed Pluto comes out of retrograde after five months reviewing what has happened since March. Tuesday, Venus and Saturn conjunct in family-oriented Cancer and inaugurate a fresh cycle of security issues - emotional, financial, life-and-limb. And finally, Thursday morning, Mercury, retrograde since August 9, turns direct just in time for the Labor Day exodus.


Just days after the Pisces full moon spreads its ethereal light, something may happen that'll alter your involvement with a group activity. You might wind up adopting a radically different stance from your present one or taking a refresher course to strengthen your current position; either way, you should feel good about your progress. Mercury turning direct in your Leo house of romance, creative outlets and team sports (passionate recreational pursuits) could also change how you feel about any or all of the above.


Love and stability - how to achieve one without sacrificing the other? - might dominate your thoughts this week. As your affectionate Venus ruler gains ground on fearful Saturn, the need to feel a deeper connection could become paramount. You may still want to honor prior commitments, but if they feel like restrictions, then something has to give. Although this powerful planetary conjunction may bring up long-term security issues, help in fixing a troubled relationship is there for the asking. Come September, a new cycle begins.


Conveniently enough, your Mercury ruler turns direct on September 2 in your house of communicating and commuting. Having thoughts about going back to school? Maybe you should wait to see what aspect of your career or your credibility the full moon in your Pisces midheaven illuminates. Perhaps you should give your partner time to emerge from the shadow cast while Pluto in your marriage house was retrograde before asking for another opinion. After Pluto's flip forward on the 30th, you'll have a better idea of what he or she intends to do.


The full moon this weekend focuses on what you can accomplish using other people's resources. Considering that unpredictable Uranus is being highlighted too, you may surprise everyone concerned, yourself included. Because a Pisces moon is empathetic and idealistic, all the water signs will benefit. However, that might not happen until affable Venus and anxious Saturn meet in your sign midweek and bestow the approval, comfort and material reward (Venus loves to pamper and please) Crabs secretly crave.


The upcoming full moon might be more upsetting than the others this year, because your sun ruler faces not only the supersensitive Pisces moon but disruptive Uranus as well. If you feel like disappearing for the weekend and avoiding a confrontation, by all means follow your intuition. Mercury changing direction at the tail end of Leo can present an up-to-date re-evaluation of your personal needs and where they fit into an erratic but still evolving relationship. Pay attention; the cumulative experiences of this landmark week can be very liberating. Set me free, why don't you, babe?


A tendency to display your expertise may get out of hand when the rational Virgo sun stares into the vast unknowingness of the Pisces moon. Watch yourself in case the chaotic emotionalism the Fish evokes makes you feel more confused than you normally would. Further drama as power-crazed, "I have something to prove!" Pluto comes out of retrograde in your Sagittarius home base. Who in the family has it in for you now? Since your Mercury ruler is about to slip into forward gear, go slow. Don't rush to judgment.


Artists, decorators, chefs and chief executives figure prominently in the Libra scenario for the next 10 days. If you're currently involved with any of these people, you can benefit considerably from their professionalism and practical approach to what could turn into an erratic, emotional situation. Be open to their advice, even if you choose not to take it. However, when it comes to dealing with friends, kids and lovers, some of you seem hell-bent on showing a wild independent streak and freaking out loved ones.


Normally it would be full steam ahead as soon as your Pluto co-ruler, in your second house of money earned and acquisitions, comes out of retrograde on Monday. If a project or a major purchase has been put on hold since March, expect there'll be renewed interest. You could also wait until Mercury flips forward the following Thursday. However, it would be safer to postpone taking any significant action until after September 9, which is when Pluto and Mars, your other ruling planet, complete their provocative, potentially difficult square.


For the last five months, while Pluto in your sign inched back over ground it already covered, you might have thought you were finally relieved of duty. No harm, no foul, no gain. As of Monday, Pluto will again be full frontal, so you could become just as involved in your continuing saga as you were in March. Since Pluto isn't leaving Sag anytime soon, your latest transformation may take longer than you think. The excitable Pisces full moon this weekend can heighten everyday things like running errands or contacting a neighbor. Prepare to be surprised!


If we talk too much about the advantageous, amorous meeting between Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and Saturn, your "I-run-the-world" ruling planet, we're liable to spook it. Now that you've been reminded, we won't have to. Also keep in mind that Mercury, the sun, Mars and generous Jupiter, all in the supportive, constructive earth sign Virgo, are sending many benefits, opportunities and plain good feelings your way. Can it get any better? Well, if you can avoid reacting to financial ups and downs, you should be okay.


You might not notice the difference, but when Pluto, planet of rehab and regeneration, comes out of retrograde on Monday, a degree of separation between you and a group or its ethic, perhaps a colleague at work, can develop. It's hard to predict whether you'll become closer or more distant, more or less involved - depending on how deep into Pluto's secretive world you want to dig - nonetheless, "involved" is the operative Plutonic word. Retro Mercury turns around in your Leo marriage house. Listen to your partner, spouse, ex, whatever.


The simplest thing is to opt for the fun and games, the pleasant, not particularly powerful but promising alternative to dealing with the serious stuff. These benefits are coming your way because lucky Jupiter in your Virgo house of partners - Umm, who can that be? - and "Be nice to me, I'll be your friend" Venus are engaged in their last supportive sextile of the year. They'll start another annual dance when they conjunct in Libra right after Election Day. Sounds like you'll soon have access to other people's resources and their money.


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