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Rockie Horoscope

Like a cosmic chess game, critical moves have been made and forces set in motion. Saturn is as close to the sun as it's come since reaching its perihelion in January 1974 and September 1944. Thirty years from now, we'll look back and realize how things have changed. Or will they? This week the bright Leo sun illuminates more of the illusions Neptune is so adept at slipping past us. Their opposition takes place on Monday. Mercury gets into the act Wednesday when it opposes militant Mars, currently retrograde in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune. The week ends on a misguided, yet utterly romantic, impulse to sacrifice something precious - on a Venus-Neptune opposition beloved by musicians and martyrs.


Playtime, big time. Over the next few weeks, while the optimistic Leo sun, lucky Jupiter and romantic Venus are passing through your house of fun and games, feel free to frolic to your heart's content. With so much positive planetary energy reinforcing your innate sense of adventure, you'd be a freak of nature if you turned down a chance to have big fun. Or to win big money. Or, for that matter, to spread it around. Besides, while your Mars ruler is retrograde, reflecting on past behavior, you won't see much forward progress.


Entertaining on a grand scale, dressing to the nines, doing a star turn for an ever-widening audience - these are a few of the perks being offered while your Venus ruler travels through luxurious Leo. Although you usually have a blast during the goddess's annual summer tour, this year the Bull gets extra benefits from having jolly, generous Jupiter in Leo as well. Not for another 12 years will you be encouraged to make such sweeping plays, hog as much of the spotlight or show how imperious and magnanimous you can be.


Gemini's chances of making serious money right now are excellent; so are the odds you'll spend it to satisfy your partner or outfox the competition. Your Mercury ruler's passage through earthy Virgo should bolster the Twins' practical, rational side; instead, it might make you hell-bent on proving your point. Meanwhile, Mercury's forward march may also increase your antsiness: the itch to be somewhere else, drive something else or change your ZIP code entirely. Patience wears thin, harsh words are exchanged. Watch it.


While other signs can relax this summer, go on vacation or take long weekends out of town, cosmic forces are urging Crabs to come up with dramatic and entertaining ways to upgrade their lifestyle. It can't be helped. Because both Jupiter and Venus, the planets that bring "good fortune," as well the creative sun, are in your Leo money house, easy opportunities to rake it in can suddenly surround you. This window won't stay open much longer - Venus moves into shy, retiring Virgo on the 22nd, Jupiter follows on the 27th.


Lions know how to put on a spectacular show, the kind of party that leaves a lasting impression. Since grandiose Jupiter is about to exit your sign (and won't return for another 12 years), and lovable Venus won't even be in Leo for your next birthday, make this year's celebration as memorable as you possibly can. It'll be worth the extra expense if the good will you generate now becomes an insurance policy for the dark and stormy days that might come three years from now, when Jupiter starts testing you.


Just a few more weeks of waiting, before you can welcome generous Jupiter into your sign for a full year's worth of opportunity, prosperity and sheer luck. Until then, pay attention to the small stuff, the i's you may have to dot now that your Mercury ruler is in Virgo. As fate would have it, on the 27th, the day after Jupiter arrives, Mercury will turn retrograde. You know the drill: Get the car and electronic equipment repaired ASAP; make contingency plans in case of delays or cancellations; back up your files; cover your ass.


Weirdness around the house, a whiff of scandal about a relative, an unexplained oil leak in the driveway; when lit by the rays of the Leo sun, amorphous Neptune can take many shapes. Why a strange turn of events becomes a source of artistic inspiration is your secret to share. But that can happen when your romantic Venus ruler comes face to face with that imaginative Neptunian vibe. A subtle spiritual connection could become a steamy affair next week when passionate Pluto horns in. Summer fun and games.


Keep your eye on the glitter and the glitz. Behind the glamour and the showmanship, the exaggerations and the promises, lies the real thing, the pure gold. Maybe not a huge pile, but enough to enrich your coffers. Add an active social life, and you'll easily see how having expansive Jupiter in your Leo midheaven has dramatized/traumatized your life. Jupiter will soon enter Virgo, where it should protect you from any more slings, arrows and painful opportunities to "grow."


Affirmation of the changes you've been going through, the rehabilitation taking place on a cellular level - Pilates exercises, human-growth-hormone shots, antidepressants - arrives as the proud Leo sun and affectionate Venus support Pluto, ruler of regeneration, in your sign. Rewards for a successful metamorphosis are rare, and seen more often in theatrical productions than in everyday life. But they do occur, even for Centaurs who no longer run with the wind. Look for a friendly Lion bearing gifts.


Something slightly fishy about a financial matter could sound an inner alarm, but other than a misunderstanding about money, nothing should disturb your equilibrium until Mercury turns retrograde at the end of August. Because the flip occurs in Virgo, a compatible earth sign, it won't be that big a deal, except for the travel plans. Even adjusting your current schedule to accommodate your partner's social agenda shouldn't divert your attention from whatever pastime is entertaining you this summer.


Dazzled, deluded or just daydreaming? Vague, vaporous Neptune in your sign is getting a lot of play from the planets in Leo right now. If you're a musician, dancer or magician, you won't mind having bright-eyed, bushy-tailed enthusiasts looking at you. But if you're into quasi-legal stuff, scandal or spin-doctoring, all that attention could blow your cover. Classic Aquarian-type heroes, such as Robin Hood and Lady Godiva, with their strong sense of social responsibility and love of the spotlight, should have a field day.


Read for Aquarius. Again, it's your Neptune ruler setting the tone for both signs, so you're likely to find that, right now, you're tied to the Water Bearer in subtle, somewhat mystical ways. Although you might not be in the forefront of sociopolitical reform, like the Lady of the Lake and Merlin you're a hero in your own right, a somewhat invisible, yet powerful, force for change. However, that cloak of invisibility might drop while the Leo sun and Venus focus on Pluto in your career/reputation midheaven.


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