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Not much is happening this week, so go with whatever is flowing at your house. Little Mercury is the only planet making headway, but the ideas and information it brings are here today, gone tomorrow, and probably fraudulent and scandalous as well. The sun enters Leo, the be-happy sign it rules, late Tuesday/early Wednesday. Celebrate.


Time is running out. Because generous Jupiter will leave your Leo house of romance and recreation at the end of August, make the most of the benefits provided to a fellow fire sign. Once the jolly giant enters analytic Virgo, you're likely to become more circumspect and judgmental about the things that give you pleasure, the people too. If you're having a rollicking good time, carry on, but if not, then get busy. Need an excuse? Blame indecision or sheer laziness on your Mars ruler drifting through Pisces.


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How much self-indulgence can a serious sensualist experience? How much fun can you have at home? During luxury-loving Leo, Bulls may feel that they have to outdo themselves. They tend to create special occasions to rise to, along with big tabs to pick up along the way. You have about another month's worth of elegant temptations and cockeyed optimism before Jupiter leaves Leo for prudent Virgo. If you can contain your enthusiasm, you won't run up much debt. But if that doesn't work, remind yourself that restrictive Saturn can still curb your income.


For the rest of July, as your Mercury ruler travels through openhearted, demonstrative Leo, you'll be in a position to bestow a lot of affection along with some very nice goodies. Right now, you could also be quite inventive and imaginative, fairly psychic and sensitive to other people's secret desires. What you do with these gifts shouldn't be debatable in the customary Gemini way. Since the opportunities you're about to receive to do this much good aren't going to last, be grateful and get on with the giving.


Now would be a good time to work on beefing up your finances and dressing up your image. Take advantage of easy opportunities to impress people by showing them the bright, beautiful side of the sometimes reclusive, often elusive Crab. A pleasing appearance and a friendly manner should continue to attract folks until the new moon on the 28th, which is when lovable Venus exits Cancer for Leo. After that, you're left with only capable Saturn in your sign. Respect and admiration are nice, but they rarely warm your cockles or buy you dinner.


Outright, unapologetic lionizing. Expect to receive every compliment you deserve, and some you don't, while so much planetary attention is focused on Leo. This is the time to look as glamorous as you dare, to act as imperiously as you can get away with. Should anyone oppose you, it's bound to be some poor soul with delusions of grandeur. Or another Leo. Having imaginative, idealistic Neptune in your Aquarius house of allies and antagonists can be tricky. Who's perpetrating a fraud? Whose talent is the real deal? Who should you believe?


Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and into everybody's business. Natural curiosity may one day kill the cat, but your inquisitiveness right now is based more on learning how beneficial your relationship with other signs can be. An Aquarian or Pisces may insist that friendship is the number-one priority, but try not to hedge your bets. Loyalty to family is what the Sagittarian and Scorpion will harp on. Also, how about healing the rift? The Leos might be too proud to show vulnerability, but we all know they are kittens at heart.


You could be torn between playing with a couple of wild cards, jokers whose appetite for adventure exceeds your own, and being entertained by one or two sports determined to show you a good time. Either way, you won't lose out. However, after your Venus ruler gets to Leo, you'll probably enjoy sitting in the lap of luxury more than the thrills of another roller-coaster relationship. It's a matter of blending the very good with the not so good, while maintaining Libra's right to change your mind without offending anyone.


This summer is special. Make the most of the favors being offered, the sympathetic chords you're striking simply because your Mars co-ruler is in Pisces, a compatible water sign. Next summer is another interesting, but not as rewarding, story. This week, keep an ear open for information about a money matter that'll help you attain a career objective. But be patient; it'll take a few more weeks before the deed, the deal, is done. In the meantime, immerse yourself in those healing waters and learn all you can about that career move.


Reach out to a wider audience. While your expansive Jupiter ruler is in Leo, a spirited fire sign that generously rewards the Centaur's knowledge, you shouldn't have any trouble getting your viewpoint across. The lighter and brighter you make your message, the better it'll be received. This is also a good time to polish your image, go for a make-over and send someone else the bill. Other joint money matters, e.g., insurance, inheritance and investments, shouldn't be a problem once you find the time to do a bit of business.


Deal with the relationship, be it with a co-worker or a partner in crime. Whatever problem is hindering its further development or is getting in the way of a closer alliance will benefit now from some attention on both your parts. Since there are no other red flags being waved at this juncture, it pays to make an effort to clear away the obstacle, clear up a misunderstanding. The issue might not be resolved forever, but for the time being, i.e., the rest of the summer, it should be smooth sailing.


You're not exactly invisible, but with so much attention being paid to your Leo counterpart, it'll be hard to hear what you have to say. Or to read your lips. The trick - with illusionary Neptune in your sign, you appear to be full of them - would be to have a puppet mouth your words. But if you're not Dick Cheney and politics isn't your game, then this would be a good time to go on a spiritual or mental-health retreat. Yoga camp could restore your energy and redirect your focus, so that, come fall, you can come out fighting.


Reactions from Fish feeling the effects of rebellious Uranus in their sign range from bouncing off the walls to cutting out for parts unknown. A few have already incorporated constructive vibes from Saturn in Cancer and are busy organizing their tools. Don't be surprised if you're taken completely unawares when Uranus gets around to changing your life. Meanwhile, energetic Mars in Pisces is slowing down before turning retrograde on the 29th for the next two months. Fish born in February might be let off the hook until Halloween.

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