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There hasn't been this much interplanetary activity in ages, so zone in on the energy that works for you and avoid the rest. An ethereal, artistic atmosphere on Friday segues into high drama by Tuesday. Be sure to mark the summer solstice Saturday at 12:11 p.m. PDT, if only to touch base with Mother Earth. Powerful masculine forces dominate on Sunday during the rewarding trine between young stud Mars and paternal Saturn. But something or someone gets very upset when Mars and destructive Uranus unite on Monday. Their conjunction may signal the "bombs-bursting in air" earthquake alert we all dread. When the Cancer sun merges with constructive Saturn on Tuesday, stability should be restored, and, if not, then a rare trine between Saturn and Uranus, the established and the experimental, may signify a new phase in an old situation. The sun also trines Mars on Tuesday about the same time that peaceable Venus confronts passionate, power-crazed Pluto. Try to make it to Wednesday in one piece with your relationship intact, that's all.


A tricky period. On one hand, your Mars ruler can incite a rebellion when it merges with independent Uranus. Any action that cuts the ties that bind should suit you just fine. On the other hand, Mars receives strong support from stable Saturn and the nurturing Cancer sun, so opting for the tried-and-true would work for you, too. Although dilemmas like this won't pop up very often, Rams can count on a certain amount of confusion for the rest of the year. Mars navigating the diffuse emotional waters of Pisces makes it hard to see clearly.


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Too clever, too glib, too marvelous for words. Such is the case when your Venus ruler joins chatty Mercury in quick-witted Gemini. If there's something you need to say or write, now is the time. Not only can you communicate with ease, the content will be imaginative and effective. An aura of spirituality and artistic excellence while Venus reaches out to idealistic Neptune may make this one of the more glorious weeks in a long time. However, that whiff of danger coming from your current romantic interest could make things messy.


Speak your mind loud and clear. Although Gemini is rarely at a loss for words, now is an excellent time to express yourself. You don't have to be brilliant, amusing or even that accurate. Whatever you decide to dish out will be appreciated, even adored, because loving Venus has hooked up with your Mercury ruler. This coupling also improves your odds of attracting a diverse bunch of candidates for a romantic relationship. While an artist-dreamer may not seem much of a threat, anyone with an obvious obsession could be a problem.


Summer-solstice time, and this year the living won't be easy. Simply having Saturn in your sign will test your patience, organizational skills and willingness to shoulder more responsibilities. Sound like a cosmic drag or the next step in your ascent to adulthood? Over the next two weeks, if you're amenable, you could receive support from an unexpected source with untapped resources. How does a leap of faith into the unknown grab you? Plan to make Cancer new-moon magic on the 29th; state your intention, do a self-blessing, celebrate what's coming.


No matter what else is going on or what your plans for the summer are, keep reminding yourself that expansive, protective, downright lucky Jupiter will be in Leo only until the Virgo new moon in August. That gives you two more lunar cycles - the Cancer new moon on June 29 and the Leo new moon on July 29 - to absorb the purely personal benefits the cosmos is showering you with. Jupiter in your Virgo money house will watch over your cash flow, but for greater foresight, wisdom and self-confidence, time is running out.


Something totally unexpected may happen when impulsive Mars collides with rebellious Uranus in your Pisces house of partnerships. An instant sexual attraction or a relationship blown to bits - either possibility would change your scene dramatically. However, reliable support from an older, nurturing person can ease the awkwardness and be a balm for whatever hurts. Take the offer. Also take advantage of the fact that careerwise, you're in top form and tuned in to what the public wants. Advertise, publicize, get around.


We both could be mistaken, but there seems to be a strong spiritual or artistic sensibility behind everything you're doing now. If you put your thoughts and feelings on paper, canvas, screen, etc., they're bound to get a favorable reception. Concentrating on the creative process can cushion you from the turmoil going on in other places. For further protection from wild, uncontrollable energies during these hectic times, be especially careful when you're near water, at least until the July Fourth holiday is over.


While the rest of us hide our heads in the sand, the water signs will benefit from the changes in the cosmic aquaculture. Because the nurturing Cancer sun reinforces sobering Saturn, and your Mars co-ruler joins innovative Uranus in Pisces, Scorpio could successfully combine traditional, family-oriented activities with groundbreaking Mars-Uranus energy. No matter what you're up to, decorating the house or selecting a mutual fund, you should be okay. Another advantage: a rewarding trine from prosperous Jupiter to your Pluto co-ruler.


Tiptoe through the garden of earthly delights and Boschian horrors and you may appreciate the benefits directed your way. Chief among them is the rewarding trine from your protective Jupiter ruler to powerful Pluto in your sign; if this aspect can improve the world situation, it should help brighten your outlook. Discord in the family or a broken pipe in the kitchen is beyond annoying, so let a Moon Child solve those problems. What'll give you pure pleasure are the encouraging words of love and the laughs coming from the young at heart.


Money from work. What a concept! One of the more advantageous financial opportunities for Caps appears when aggressive Mars in your money house trines your conservative Saturn ruler. Go ahead, take the leap. Further support comes from sun's annual meeting with Saturn, and to amp up the benefits of that coalition, inventive Uranus adds an element of surprise. Go ahead, be irreverent. The Cancer new moon on the 29th is key to your success; figure out how to make your intentions about a gig and/or a relationship known to everyone concerned.


Only once every two years does militant Mars meet your nonconformist Uranus ruler. If nothing major hits the fan, we assume you make your point, declare your independence and move on to something else. Since this is one of those biannual time slots, be sure that what you're about to wreck, or even give a gentle nudge to, is what you want to happen. No sign knows better how tricky idiosyncratic Uranian energy can be. However, this time Uranus receives strong support from stable Saturn, so you're more likely to consider your family or an authority figure.


If cranky is all you get when acerbic Mars meets unpredictable Uranus in the early degrees of Pisces, consider yourself blessed. Cut, shocked or burned is more likely. Big surprises can happen when these destructive forces combine, so to safeguard your precious person, stay away from the water, far from sharp edges and out of electric storms. Emotionally, you're that volcano ready to erupt at the slightest provocation. Comfort comes from artistic friends and older family members; seek them out, keep them close.

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