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Rockie Horoscope

Is it an attraction, irritation or simply erratic Uranus turning retrograde for the summer? A sexy Venus-Mars square can be the driving force this weekend, but on Monday, as the sun opposes secretive Pluto, something sinister or sleazy may be revealed. Venus moves into "two is better than one" Gemini Monday night; Mercury comes along for the ride on Thursday. In between, Venus and Uranus form an erotic, exotic liaison that'll get some of us in trouble, while the rest of us will be astounded by a sudden change of heart.


Stretch your legs. This would be a good time to get out of your rut, see more of the neighborhood or an interesting neighbor, and maybe touch base with a sibling. Communicating with the locals or commiserating with your sister can develop into a deep, abiding concern for their well-being. Because your Mars ruler is going to be in empathetic Pisces for the next six months (that long, strange trip starts on the 16th), you're due to experience a wealth of emotions - some overpowering, some confusing, many of them fleeting.


Fluctuating feelings, instantaneous antipathies, momentary attractions - the highs and lows of an erratic love life - are here for your amusement and bewilderment. While your Venus ruler travels through the sign of the Twins, you're likely to realize that there are at least two sides to each emotion and experience. Sometimes this ambiguity is fun, sometimes it's disquieting. Usually, it's expensive; Gemini governs your house of personal income. Acquiring and dispensing will probably be a big deal until Independence Day, when Venus moves on.


You've got backup, along with your hidden persona, the dark Twin. With the entrance of affectionate Venus and your Mercury ruler into Gemini come loyal allies - Libra, Taurus and Virgo - who'll support you when you're facing a difficult situation. Or trying to slip out from under a partner's control. Emotions tend to run high as we head toward a full moon over the Father's Day weekend. If you're celebrating a birthday as well, then it's your prerogative to change your mind as often as you please. Remember, you've got backup.


Moonrise, moonset. By now you should have a good idea what the Gemini new moon/solar eclipse initiated. By the weekend, when the moon is full, you'll know the direction that things are heading toward - whether you'll rise to the challenge or decide you need a nap. So while nothing seems targeted at the moment for the Moon Child, a choice about a work and/or a health matter is in the process of being made. Give yourself plenty of wiggle room; because we're in Gemini, we can dither over alternatives.


Friends, lovers, the kids, even your teammates, can be less cooperative than they let on. Because your sun ruler is in dualistic Gemini and facing power-crazed Pluto, you're liable to encounter opposition where and from whom you least expect it. In the long run, the experience will turn out to be a good thing, but for the present, you could feel you're being betrayed, undercut or simply outfoxed. Maybe you'll laugh about it during the Sag full moon next weekend, usually a fun time for fire signs, or maybe you'll extract your revenge.


Revolutionary Uranus turning retrograde in your Pisces complement for the next five months should give you plenty of time to consider making changes in your job description and your daily routine. However, something brand-new or simply unscripted can happen that might table the plans you have in mind. Exciting, yes, but somewhat unnerving, too. While magnetic Venus and your Mercury ruler are in Gemini, the sign of the salesman and publicist, now is an excellent time to toot your own horn and spread your r??sum?? around.


Librans born close to the equinox might already realize that career matters are gaining in importance and that you're better equipped to deal with them. While Saturn travels across your midheaven, you may also become more concerned about your reputation and more serious about prior commitments. Since you appear to have such good standing in your community, any time in the next two years would be a good time to run for office. However, right now, your love life is subject to sudden urges and power surges, like a switch being clicked off and on.


It's the season for serious moon magic. This potent period started with the Taurus new moon on May Day and reached a climax, especially for you, during the stunning Scorpio full-moon eclipse two weeks later. Lunar madness gained momentum at the Gemini new moon/solar eclipse on May 30, and now Luna is getting ready to provide another peak experience on Flag Day. Since the Sagittarius full moon will fall in your money house and illuminate your Pluto co-ruler, a financial matter you've been mulling over might finally come to fruition. A little nudging couldn't hurt.


Uranus, the planet of "shock and awe," turns retrograde in Pisces, the sign of your physical, psychological and cultural home base. Something unexpected can happen at home or within the family circle to disrupt whatever is passing for domestic tranquillity. Hope it's a simple thing, like losing the cable connection. Add an up-and-coming full moon in Sagittarius highlighting Pluto's power to transform you. Throw in a change of heart courtesy of Venus in your Gemini marriage house, and, voil?? . . . there's your week.


The impending Gemini-Sagittarius full moon can bring a health or work matter to full flower. Midweek, when Luna casts light on a clandestine matter, it may also expose your ability to repair something that's been damaged, someone who's been hurt. Karma cleaning is not that foreign a concept to Capricorns, who take their (and everybody else's) responsibilities seriously. You'll probably be the only people who are genuinely glad to experience both the highs and the heartfelt lows leading up to Father's Day.


Uranus, your modern-day ruling planet, turned retrograde on June 6 (D-Day) in early Pisces. It'll go direct in late Aquarius on November 8, the same day as the second total lunar eclipse of the year. If the first lunar eclipse in May rocked your world, then you're in for a bumpy ride this summer. If you haven't a clue by now if Luna affected you, you're probably in the clear. Nonetheless, keep those antennae finely tuned. Another full moon, no eclipse, is coming up for Flag Day, and Uranus is lit.


Add Mercury and Venus in mutable, mobile Gemini to the cosmic force giving you the jitters. Is it time to take to the road again, to adjust your point of view? Maybe you're reacting to Uranus in early Pisces doing a backward flip? What will or, more likely, won't happen while it's in retrograde? Last weekend, the first quarter of that solar-eclipsed new moon probably brought something "not quite right" to your attention; the merrily mobile Sag full moon on Flag Day should bring it to a head. Plus, Mars is planning to spend the next six months in Pisces. Go!


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