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As the month winds down, the chatter revs up. Many conversations among different factions can have positive results. However, the biannual Mars-Saturn conjunction as the workweek begins is major. This is their first meeting in Cancer - the sign of the USA and its president - since April '74 and May '76, encompassing the Watergate scandal. Mars is the precursor/detonator of what's due to occur when the Cancer sun conjuncts Saturn this summer, so pay attention, on both a national and, especially if you're a Crab, Ram, Goat or Libra, a personal level. That's not all. Earth-shattering, explosive events often follow the sun's square to disruptive Uranus, scheduled for the 27th. Sounds like we're in for a memorable Memorial Day weekend.


Is it yes or is it no? Do you stay or do you go? When your adventurous Mars ruler runs into restrictive Saturn this week, any progress, any plans you've made, could come to an abrupt halt. But Mercury is more than willing to facilitate discussions that'll get you past the roadblock. If you decide to talk it over, a compromise can be reached a lot sooner than you think. The unexpected intervention of friends and their financial assistance can also help settle a frustrating family matter and lessen your fear of imminent disaster.


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Yackety-yak. You may find yourself in a very talkative mode, mainly because clever Mercury in your sign contacts practically every other planet this week. Start with the innovative idea you and a farsighted friend come up with, bring it to an experienced adviser, run it past the traditional money people, and only then let yourself get carried away imagining the enormous amount of good it'll do. For your career! What else? For humanity! But remember that because your Venus ruler is retrograde, real progress could be very slow.


You might hitch a ride on the Taurus forecast, since your Mercury ruler is calling the Bulls' shots. Besides, what Gemini doesn't have something relevant to say? Or you can concentrate exclusively on feeling great and looking fabulous while Venus is retrograde in your sign. Another option is to start the birthday celebrations early and keep them coming throughout the long Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations, there's money waiting to be spent on travel arrangements, state-of-the-art camping equipment and, last but not least, the house.


Sympathetic Crabs are usually willing to help each other out, but this week, those born around Independence Day, like George W. Bush, may have to be not only rescued, but resuscitated as well. While aggressive, go-it-alone Mars in Cancer collides with restrictive, play-by-the-rules Saturn, all hell can break loose. Even if you're the chief honcho of your domain, try to avoid inflicting further damage on those around you. Also be careful when shaving, cooking or confronting another authority figure, one who may have bigger balls.


The outdoor-party season could turn into a memorable joke as one occasion after another fails to live up to inflated expectations. Hopefully, you have nothing major, like a wedding or graduation ceremony, on your calendar. It seems that spontaneous events have a better chance of not falling flat or, even worse, falling through. Try to hang loose and be more flexible so that you can get around the frustrating circumstances scheduled to pop up over the next two weeks. And keep lots of mad money on hand, just in case.


This week even shy, retiring Virgins are able to talk their way in and out of multilayered conversations with a varied cast of characters. Don't cross off any potential adviser, investor or customer before you've fully explained what is on your mind. Right now people can be more amenable, more impressionable, than you have any right to expect, especially family members you may have offended in a previous life. Keep an eye out for a chance to score the reputation-making assignment, the big bucks, while lucky Jupiter in your sign is lit up.


A make-it or break-it situation can force your hand this week. Either you'll face the test that self-directed Mars presents and do something new and fairly risky or you'll let a Saturnian sense of duty keep you rooted to the spot you're currently in. Family opinion may matter more than usual as both the conservative and the adventurous factions try to influence your decision. But what'll suit them might not be in your best interests, so take as much time as you can deliberating before you decide what to do. You can always change your mind.


Your very vocal spouse or business partner may need to hear everyone and his brother's opinion before committing to a course of action that might not include you, just some of the resources you share. Because your Mars co-ruler is under heavy-duty Saturnian restrictions this week, it's doubtful that you'll be willing to assume additional responsibility or liability. What now looks to be a lose-lose proposition will lighten up eventually, but until Mars moves far enough away from fretful, fearful Saturn in June, money will be a source of contention.


Ye olde entrepreneurial spirit can kick in again when courageous Mars and your growth-oriented Jupiter ruler form a mutually beneficial financial arrangement. Isn't there an Aries, Scorpio or Cancer native you want to work with? Someone fairly stable who could use your positive attitude and considerable intelligence? If your product or project is recreational, educational or entertaining, it'll be relatively easy to promote. Especially while Mercury, ruler of sales and spiels, is so eager to reward prosperous Jupiter in your career midheaven.


Talk may be cheap, but right now it's the most effective and cost-efficient way to resolve the difficulties you encounter when overly aggressive Mars conjuncts your Saturn ruler. Although the incident that ensues can hurt your partner or your nearest, dearest Moon Child, be grateful that this much anger erupts only once every two years. On the other hand, that's a lot of raw passion that you could try to direct elsewhere, say, the boudoir. Then there's always the stonewalling option, a practice you've been known to excel at.


It gets wild. Every couple of months, mainly when the sun challenges your Uranus ruler, Aquarians have to blow their cover. So much for cool and collected, reasonable and rational, friendly and fair. You have permission from the cosmos to be as ornery, unpredictable and idiosyncratic as you want, especially after enduring the frustration and fury that the biannual Mars-Saturn conjunction piles on you. However, you'll be glad to know that you can pretty much buy your way out of whatever situation you and your true love get yourselves into. Expensive, but not prohibitive.


Money talks. Mercury in your house of finances is very busy this week, so arrange to have those conversations with as many people as you can. There's so little resistance right now that maybe something tangible, instead of the usual ephemeral bullshit, will take shape. However, understand that erratic Uranus in your sign is being tested by the sun, so there's a chance that you'll change horses midstream or come up with insurmountable conditions based on a "feeling." Follow the money trail or trust your gut reaction?

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