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Rockie Horoscope

The main event this weekend is the Mars-Uranus collision/conjunction in Pisces. Be prepared to be shocked, stunned or somewhat surprised, depending on how dramatically your life is disrupted. Reward yourself and everybody you can think of while Venus and Jupiter, the fortunate ones, form a favorable air trine on Tuesday. On Wednesday, after contacting Uranus, Venus may cause an abrupt change of heart. To add to the confusion, on Thursday Neptune goes retrograde for the next five months.


A shock of recognition can rock your world when your Mars ruler bumps into electric Uranus this weekend. Take time to recover; don't go rushing off. Even a headstrong Ram occasionally needs to look at life with a fresh perspective before responding to a much-needed wake-up call. That disturbing encounter could also prepare you for the change of heart due when affectionate Venus sends mixed signals next weekend. While Mars is in supersensitive Pisces, other people's feelings tend to come across too easily for your comfort.


Love and luck, the dynamic duo, are scheduled to make a long-awaited appearance while prosperous, protective Jupiter favors your Venus ruler around the 17th. Do your part to ensure that the appropriate reward is delivered to the right party; buy the damn lottery ticket already. Speaking of parties, this is also one of the best times of the year to celebrate anything that makes you happy. But factor in a surprise on the 18th that could prove either disruptive or delightful. Perhaps both.


There's no denying that having magnetic Venus in your sign is a decided advantage. While the goddess makes you more attractive and fun to be with, do not blow any chance to capitalize on your pleasing appearance, charming manners and excellent taste. Come June 3, when Venus moves on to Cancer, this too shall pass. Expect a surprise while Venus fools around with erratic Uranus midweek, but try to stay grounded and grateful for what you have. Once Gemini begins, you can count on the warmth of the sun to boost your creative impulse and lust for the good life.


Sometimes a shy Moon Child needs a jump-start, a shock to the system, to propel you forward, not sideways. If this sounds like a reasonable solution to your present dilemma, you'll make the most of what happens when Mars and Uranus connect in Pisces, a water sign compatible with your own. Although noisy and unexpected, friendly fire need not be destructive. Mars can also turn up the heat when it provokes a romantic response from a casual acquaintance who just wanted to be "friends." Another full-moon resolution.


Payment in full? The lucky Lion might be licking its chops, somewhat satisfied, but not totally thrilled about receiving a substantial reward for something you accomplished without breaking a sweat. While easygoing Venus in your career house is favored by expansive Jupiter in your financial sector, these two planets, the "benefics," might slip all sorts of goodies into your bag. Whether they're truly pretty or simply pleasing, potentially or presently profitable, the swag can keep you smiling until Labor Day weekend.


Get ready to get busy. After coasting along on the smooth, sensuous Taurus vibe, it's time to put the pedal to the metal and decide how you're going to use speedy and expressive Gemini energy to advance your career. Concentrate on ways of breaking into virgin territory, landing another outlet for your product. The tension generated between two mutable signs can be a little nerve-racking, but because your Mercury ruler cruises through safe and relatively sane Taurus until Memorial Day weekend, you won't get totally frazzled.


Libra can be lucky at love, at cards, or just plain lucky. Especially while your magnetic Venus ruler perfects a rewarding trine with generous Jupiter in your sign. Enjoy whatever boon comes your way, since you're likely to have a sudden change of heart sooner rather than later. A romantic relationship could also be subject to ups and downs around the full moon. That's when assertive Mars demands more of Venus than she and you may be willing to give. The friction generated could be red-hot, but it can be irritating as well. Decision time.


A couple of times a year, Scorpio may get an urge to make yet another pass at a Libra or a Taurus, even one who's part of your past. When your Mars co-ruler and Venus, their ruling planet, form a recognizable pattern, you can't help but be attracted. How do I lust after you? Let me count the ways. Start the seduction by fulfilling a desire to do something wild and crazy this weekend; then follow up with an out-and-out chase scene next weekend, preferably one that takes place close to the water.


Is it love or is it Memorex? Affectionate Venus in your double-duty Gemini marriage house may make it difficult to differentiate between your current feelings for someone and your fascination with the thought of reviving an old romance. All things seem possible this week while Venus smiles on your optimistic Jupiter ruler. That the goddess can change her mind without warning and do a complete about-face is testimony to the power of unpredictable Uranus busily creating a disturbance at home. The next two weeks are tantalizing, albeit tricky, times.


You could try to downsize, but while pleasure-seeking Venus and enthusiastic Jupiter focus on your fondness for life's little luxuries, you're fighting a losing battle. You might as well indulge now and pay the piper later, say next week, when Venus has a chance of giving Mars in your money house the cold shoulder. You probably won't feel as kindly disposed toward the folks you're obliged to buy presents for or toward people who know how to play on your sympathies. Blame an ugly rumor and a slightly suspicious nature.


It's a subtle shift, but by now you should be accustomed to having impressionable, idealistic Neptune in your sign. After the 19th, when the planet of faith and fanaticism turns retrograde for the summer, you might not be quite as imaginative or as tuned in to other people's vibrations. Retrograde, however, is a good time to return to a project dear to your heart, to re-assess your position and, perhaps best of all, to let go and let the chips fall where they may. Consider yourself, if not on vacation, then on sabbatical.


Suggestible Pisceans don't need to be reminded that worlds can collide when angry Mars is on a crash course with unruly Uranus in their sign. Fish born near the Aquarius cusp sat through their disaster movie two Junes ago. Natives born in early March may sense that something is about to go down in flames or that you're on the verge of exploding. If possible, take a time-out. Put your life on pause, head for the hills, indulge your sweet tooth, and pray that the winds of this war pass you by. A full-moon reconciliation?


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