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Brace yourself for another shock as unpredictable Uranus in Pisces and gigantic Jupiter in Sagittarius perfect the second of their three challenging square aspects. (January 22 was No. 1; October 9 is No. 3.) Mercury's passage from Taurus to Gemini on Friday could shift our attention more toward local community, transportation and educational matters. Saturday might feel weird as the down-to-earth Taurus sun provokes a reaction from otherworldly Neptune. Nothing that ethereal for Mother's Day; instead, you may have to sit through a sneak attack from acerbic Mars to secretive Pluto, the stuff memorable family occasions are made of. On Tuesday, Mars moves into Aries, the hot-blooded fire sign it rules, for the next six weeks. The peaceable, productive Taurus new-moon cycle begins on Wednesday.


"Timing is everything" is not always true, but this week it sure may seem that way. Having your assertive Mars ruler in Aries for the first time in two years will beef up your desire to "just do it." Plus, the Taurus new moon on the 16th might present an opportunity to launch a project with a solid financial future, one you've been thinking about for a while. Mars occupies your Aries house of self-interest and self-expression until June 24; then, through August 6, the fiery motivator gets you to concentrate almost exclusively on money matters.


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"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may." "May" being the operative word and the optimum time to accumulate gifts and line up favors, especially around the Taurus new moon on the 16th. If your April birthday was a disappointment, feel free to use this new moon to make a more detailed, up-to-date birthday wish. And don't neglect the cupcake and candle that'll complete the ritual. Artists may be offered a chance to participate in a loosely defined project: not the typical commission, not about the same old subject.


"Faster than a speeding bullet." That's how your Mercury ruler zips through your sign this month, but by Memorial Day, the transit will be history. So make every day that you have access to a double shot of smarts count for something. Plan on unleashing your proposal to save the world with words on the weekend of the 19th, while enthusiastic Jupiter helps with the promotion, Uranus provides that crucial eureka moment, and realistic Saturn makes it sound as if it'll succeed. Backup shows up once the sun enters Gemini on the 21st.


Every new moon highlights another area of activity on the Moon Child's chart. While the Aries new moon in April may have focused on career and family matters, the Taurus new moon on the 16th emphasizes relations with colleagues and groups with whom you share a common interest. For the next four weeks, these are the people who'll take up a good deal of your thoughts. At the same time, militant Mars is crossing your Aries midheaven for the first time in two years. Prepare to roll up your sleeves, possibly put up your dukes. It's not smooth sailing.


More time and energy devoted to maintaining your good name. That's the message the Taurus moon conveys when it meets up with your sun ruler at the top of your solar chart. This is why you'll take pains to make a favorable impression on the people you run into, clients and casual acquaintances alike, during the new four-week lunar cycle. Even a relative you haven't kept track of could figure into this scenario. How other people's money fits in is a bit of a mystery, but as Mars digs deeper into exploratory Aries, the answer will be revealed.


A convergence of planets at the crown point of your solar chart suggests that now would be a good time to take your latest career decision even more seriously. Direct your considerable energy and intelligence toward achieving what could be the most adventurous project you've undertaken in a long while. But if you're content to let matters progress at their own speed, without additional effort on your part, make sure your information is up-to-date. Your Mercury ruler leaves multifaceted, well-connected Gemini on Memorial Day.


Social politics becomes an important element of your success whenever your Venus ruler transits your Cancer midheaven, as it does throughout May. Although a Libra is rarely rude, even if you have backup, now is not the time to muscle your way to the top. Gracious good manners, kindly consideration -- the qualities your sign is known for -- combine to convince the people who count that you're the person who best meets the challenge. Domestic goddesses get to show what an impressive job they can do even if they're far from home.


A new moon in your Taurus house of significant others signals the beginning of something special with a partner. Although this is an annual event, you shouldn't take the promise of a fresh approach or a fresh face for granted. If you happen to be involved in a dispute, then the new lunar cycle could raise the wattage on an issue that should probably be settled sooner rather than later. Later would be late June, when your feisty Mars co-ruler gets to bullheaded Taurus, a sign as stubborn as your own.


The closer we get to solar Gemini, the more flexible Archers become. Is it because the heat of the sun loosens the joints or because you can see more clearly what's going on with partnership arrangements? Until then, make sure that Mercury keeps you abreast of what's happening with your mate, the deal you're considering and the agent or attorney handling it. You're approaching somewhat of a time bind: Since Mercury turns retrograde in your Cancer house of joint money matters on June 15, don't wait too long to work out the details.


A dash of cooperation, a pinch of pleasure. It shouldn't take much more than that to compensate for the acidity Mars adds to the mix once it enters your Aries home base on the 15th. Keep drawing on the harmonious vibe Venus in your Cancer marriage house offers; as long as the goddess is there, interaction with significant others will still go smoothly. And take advantage of the Taurus new moon in your house of romance and recreation to start a new routine, e.g., go for a bike ride you and a loved one can enjoy together.


The tricky situation you find yourself in leaves lots of room for an imaginative solution. Having visionary Neptune in your sign allows you to create a number of illusions, e.g., a makeover, short of actually making yourself disappear. But if you need a plausible excuse that'll help deflect some of the pressure the family is under, wait for the new moon in your Taurus home base to show another way. This is also a good time to fix up the house or, since we're in earthy and productive Taurus, to work in the garden.


Only once every two years does macho Mars pass through your Aries house of income and assets. So, if you need to get tough about a money matter, this would be the time to do it. However, considering that the Martian approach to a problem is to rant and rave, huff and puff or make nasty threats, think twice before you adopt such tactics. Gentle persuasion is so much more the Fish's cup of tea. Luckily, the Taurus new moon taking place in your house of communication and salesmanship can point to another effective strategy.

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