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Because the best time to send in your tax returns is when the moon is void-of-course, get them done ASAP. To ensure there are no consequences from action you take, e.g., an audit, see that the envelopes are postmarked on Saturday, the 12th, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Once that task is out of the way, you'll be free to enjoy whatever intriguing situation the sexy Venus-Pluto square drums up that night. Another window opens on Monday, when the perfectionist Virgo moon goes void from 11:38 a.m. to 6:42 p.m.; then, looking fairly full, the moon enters Libra. However, the exact moment of fullness doesn't come until Wednesday, the 16th, at 12:36 p.m. Picture the tense scene generated at your house by a full moon squaring aggressive Mars, coupled with the frustration of an icy-cold Venus-Saturn square that night. Happy Passover? Hide the knives!


As the moon approaches fullness, you can feel the excitement building. But Rams who are not yet in "do or die" mode will be by Wednesday afternoon. The tension doesn't stem solely from having the sun-moon opposition in your sign - that happens every year -but this April, your Mars ruler plays a major role in the cosmic scheme of things. While the Warrior dominates your Capricorn midheaven, you'll be more conscientious, organized, thorough and patient than you ever imagined. Imagine!


A crisis concerning a friendship or your place in an organization could reach a pivotal point during this full-moon period. You'll tend to be more practical than usual, perhaps a bit paranoid, simply because restrictive, responsible Saturn is shoving its weight around, leaning heavily on your easygoing Venus ruler. After Easter, as Venus moves from "pity poor me" Pisces to adventurous Aries, your mood will brighten considerably. Soon you'll be looking for romance in all the fun places.


Fair warning: Your Mercury ruler goes retrograde on April 26 and slowly creeps back to where it is this weekend before finally turning direct. Since what is happening now can become a big deal again when Mercury flips forward in mid-May, pay extra attention to whatever you're presently dealing with. Also, try to get the usual pre-Mercury-retrograde chores done as soon as possible, before the holidays disrupt the normal scheduling of events, gigs and due dates. Why not invite an old friend for a visit?


Now is the time for all good Crabs to come to the aid of their partners. The Aries-Libra full moon on the 16th focuses, as did the April Fools' new moon, on action-oriented Mars in your marriage house. In the past two weeks you've no doubt seen one or more aspects of your relationship build to a climax. Job, family, room to breathe - any or all of them could be issues that need to be resolved before the next new moon on May Day. And while your input may have been treated like a joke on April 1, it's obviously crucial now. Help!


Call it aggravation or stimulation. When your sun ruler and militant Mars form a challenging square on the 17th, you're bound to get mad. Not so sure about getting even. Whether your anger is directed at a co-worker, the dry cleaners or the medical profession is incidental. What is important is how motivated you'll become, how determined to get your licks in. FYI: Mercury goes retrograde in your career midheaven on the 26th. Since there won't be any progress regarding work, maybe you should extend your spring break?


Read for Gemini. Therein lies the tale of your Mercury ruler's progress and reversal in Taurus, and what you can do now to avoid the pitfalls of a confused mindset later. While the Messenger is in "start, stop, start up again" mode, matters dealing with travel and education should be handled with care, if not kid gloves. However, if you need to revise a proposal or a grant application, retrograde is an excellent time to make the necessary changes. But for the moment, look for a gift from the Libra full moon.


The full moon in your own sign heightens your receptivity to everyone else's emotional extravaganzas. And dump on you they will! Add your own case of mild hysteria to the mix, and it's obvious that the 2003 Easter holiday week will be memorable. Because impulsive Mars in your home base is making folks there testy, be extra careful around the house. Cuts and burns, digs and barbs, are par for the course; their intensity and the serious damage they might do now are not. Coming soon, a resolution that'll suit the entire family.


If it weren't for the fact that both your ruling planets are "lit" by the Aries-Libra full moon on the 16th, you could get through the holiday week without any hassle. Although your Pluto co-ruler is attracting money and nice, probably recycled, stuff, your Mars co-ruler is under undue stress. Commuting, communicating, and dealing with relatives and neighbors can result in painful, destructive experiences. You're bound to get ticked off, but while the battle might be enjoyable on one level, who needs the aggravation?


"How do I love thee, let me count the ways?" Later. The love fest that takes place during the annual opposition of the ardent Aries sun and the affectionate Libra moon brings all sorts of attractive people and fiery emotions to the fore. This is as sociable and accepting as you're going to get - well, maybe when the Libra sun opposes the Aries moon in October, you'll happily embrace as many people. While you can, ride the good vibe to its conclusion, pay the piper if you have to, and exert extra effort to make everyone feel comfortable at home.


This full moon may have an impact on your personal life in more ways than one. The polarity between the Libra moon in your career midheaven and the Aries sun at home plate puts you in a tight squeeze. Domestic affairs could get in the way of your ambition. What makes this annual opposition different from previous ones is the addition of heroic Mars in your sign. This year, you're itching to fight for your right to . . . what? A solution to the problem, relief from the tension, comes from your partner. Inquire within.


Full moons do not pass unnoticed. They bring situations to a head, break discreet silences and, when properly aligned, send nutters to the ER. Not that you're in any danger, but the first full moon since your Uranus ruler went into hyperemotional Pisces gives one pause to wonder . . . what's up? You'll know more once courageous Mars enters your unpredictable sign on the 21st. Also knowing that you'll be wearing a Martian chip on your shoulder for the next eight weeks may work to your advantage. It's quite sexy.


What you value, beyond monetary worth, becomes a big deal during this full-moon period. It's a seasonal phenomenon, so you probably shouldn't glorify how you feel, but if you do, then go for the ultimate experience. Now that individualistic Uranus is in Pisces, you can do more outrageous things, be more creative and more admired by your peers than you've been in years. You might have a problem with a pal or an established organization, but don't dwell on it. By May Day, it'll pass.


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