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Rockie Horoscope

Get ready to be swept away when affectionate Venus and unpredictable Uranus meet in a wave of Piscean emotion. Or is that confusion? Meanwhile, Mercury, honed on Friday by its square to Mars, sharpens perceptions, wits and tongues. Plenty of fighting words, to say the least. Looming above the anger and the surprise, gracing us with goodness and plenty, is a rewarding trine from the fiery Aries sun to Jupiter in luxurious Leo. Appropriate or not, this favorable aspect is reason enough to celebrate, to rely once again on good luck and good cheer. The Aries new moon on April 1 adds an element of danger to the usual pranks and bad jokes; don't be foolish. Art and faith-based ideals benefit from the sun's sextile to Neptune on Wednesday, and on Thursday, after four months retrograde, protective, prosperous Jupiter turns direct.


The annual new moon in Aries can inaugurate a brand-new project or send you on an adventure that'll take you someplace you've never been before. Words of love don't necessarily fit into this plan, unless they echo your Mars ruler's time-honored mantra: Make love, not war! However, since the strong-willed sun is at odds with your strong-armed Mars ruler, sweet romance probably isn't in the cards. Better to use Mars' trip through your ambitious Capricorn midheaven to advance your career while you can.


The fired-up and frisky as well as the wallow-in-the-mudbath varieties of Bulls might experience a sudden change of heart this week. Don't be surprised if the "thunderbolt" strikes while your magnetic Venus ruler and unpredictable Uranus meet, thereby thrilling you to the core of your being. These magical moments may have occurred before, but not in romantic, poetic Pisces and not in your lifetime. Other changes will follow - e.g., a run of good luck when Jupiter turns direct on the 3rd.


The high-spirited Aries new moon can introduce you to a whole new social scene, made up primarily of movers and shakers instead of the dreamers and drifters you tend to gravitate to. However, visionaries could still have a major, albeit unexpected, impact on your career. Lots of "It came out of the blue," "I had no idea!" declarations, even as you figure out just how the times are changing. Is that so you can rewrite the small print? Jupiter's forward flip on the 3rd should bring more luxuries and greater mobility.


The first new moon of the new astrological year in your Aries midheaven is always significant. For June birthdays, the moon-sun merger favors lucky Jupiter in your Leo money house. Rewards for a job well done? For Moon Children born in July, this new moon may extend your presence on the world scene or, if you're not careful (which impulsive Aries energy rarely is), expand your waistline. Either way, you'll become more passionate about something that reaches a climax about the time taxes are due.


If you've been waiting for confirmation or a favor, relax. You'll probably get it when the fiery Aries new moon rewards lucky Jupiter in your sign. Good fortune takes many forms, and what seems like a crappy situation now could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Once enthusiastic Jupiter goes direct on the 3rd and its four-month sabbatical in retrograde ends, there'll be many more opportunities for personal and professional growth. You won't feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut any longer.


The finger of God moves in mysterious ways. It may take a while for the fog to lift before you find out what the Aries new moon has planned. You'll be making an adjustment, for sure, probably in a joint financial matter or, if you were born after Labor Day, in a significant relationship. For a change, your talent gets recognized and encouraged rather than taken for granted. But because the benefits are not immediately apparent, you might not give the opportunity that does crop up your best shot. Mistake.


Some call it a windfall, some karmic payback, some the chickens coming home to roost and lay those golden eggs. No matter which form your good fortune takes, thank the rewarding trine between prosperous Jupiter in your career midheaven and Venus in your house of income earned. Performers and gamblers can do especially well, but anyone involved with entertainment, art and elegant merchandise, e.g., lingerie, will benefit. You'll enjoy it all, especially the lingerie, when loving Venus and your sexy Pluto co-ruler meet next weekend.


This lunar cycle activates either your house of recreation, romance and risk, or the dues you owe the universe for the life you've been leading - in other words, the health, work and service sector of your chart. Because it's Aries energy, you're apt to be more physical, more enthusiastic about ordinary daily activities. A chance to expand your horizons, to validate a learning experience, appears once protective Jupiter turns direct on the 3rd. It's had your career on hold since early December.


The Aries new moon can stoke the coals of a dying fire; it's the tonic that'll spring you into action. So what happens on April 1, other than dumb jokes, can determine how you fare for the rest of the month. As an extra added attraction, this week your Jupiter ruler faces forward after four months of not paying much attention. It'll take some time to get back on track, but prosperity could well be around the corner - that is, once Jupiter turns it. Nonetheless, you'll soon feel like your optimistic self again.


A matter involving the entire family moves to center stage while the Aries new moon in your domestic domain kicks off another cycle of action and reaction. Hope that it's about something other than the problem that's been dominating family discussions since spring began and chatty Mercury entered Aries. But this week, it's your personal courage urging that the matter be resolved once and for all. The same "blood and guts" attitude from having Mars in your sign can also lead to a surgical nip here, a tuck there.


A fresh start is what you should be aiming for; if it concerns a money matter, taking a class or taking a trip, so much the better. While you have the energy of the adventurous Aries new moon spurring you on, why not use it? If you're in a relationship that's been stagnant since December, you should be delighted when retrograde Jupiter in your house of partners comes out of its stupor and turns direct on the 3rd. Happy days may not be here again for the nation, but for you personally, whoopee!


At a certain point the transition you're currently in will end, but who knows when? Once you're convinced that your obligation to home and family has been discharged (Saturn in Gemini) and that the reinvention of your reputation is taking place (Pluto in your Sagittarius midheaven), you'll be free to color as far outside the lines as you like. But until that totally liberating day, inhale the Aries new-moon energy and be glad that you'll get lucky again when Jupiter goes direct on the 3rd.


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