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After April Fools' Day silliness, you might welcome the Neptunian spirituality of Palm Sunday and Passover. The harmonious, peaceable Libra moon falls right between the two holy days, reaching fullness early Monday morning. On Saturday, Venus enters Gemini for four months instead of her usual four-week transit. The goddess turns retrograde on May 17 (same day as Neptune), goes direct on June 29 and finally moves into Cancer on August 7. If you're planning spring and summer social events, take this time frame into consideration. Tuesday afternoon, Mercury goes retrograde at 2 degrees of Taurus. The messenger crosses back into Aries on April 12, flips forward on the 30th and re-enters Taurus on May 16. Note these dates; the next six weeks should be very interesting.


Rams looking for artistic or spiritual inspiration receive an easily digestible serving on Palm Sunday, enough to cushion the emotionalism of the full moon that night. A push-pull relationship may come to a climax as the me-first Aries sun opposes the we-two Libra moon. In the midst of this drama, you might also be pressed to undertake something quite monumental and quite expensive. Enthusiastic Jupiter in your house of risk, romance and recreation rarely offers reasons to pass on what appears to be another promising opportunity.


While your attractive and affable Venus ruler transits your sign, make the most of being the belle of the ball. As of April 3, the pretty part of this party comes to an end, and what you'll be left to work with are a practical mindset, reliable intelligence and your clever mouth. Insightful Mercury enters Taurus on March 31 for a long, strange trip: the planet of communication, travel and sales turns retrograde on April 6, backpedals into Aries on the 12th, goes direct on the 30th, re-enters Taurus on May 15 and finally leaves on June 5.


Knowing that Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign on Tuesday implies that the prudent Bull is already making contingency plans. What are you going to do when you can't keep on schedule, or the car, phone and computer won't work? Not to panic. Happily, your Venus ruler will be in versatile Gemini, helping you improvise solutions, consider alternatives you normally wouldn't, act with uncommon grace and, perhaps most important, find humor in ridiculous situations. This month, the sitcom that is your so-called life writes itself.


The Libra full-moon period might be critical because it illuminates your family/career axis. A matter that's been brewing far longer than the Aries new moon two weeks ago can come to a head and point the way to a resolution. Try to maintain a judicious balance between attaining what you alone desire and reaching a workable compromise with significant others. Also try to control a generous impulse before it gets out of hand, before you become a major contributor to a "maybe good, maybe not so good" cause.


Faith might not move a mountain out of your way, but this weekend it could help with a few tricky things. Such as showing a bit of mercy to someone on your shit list, donating your crap to a worthwhile charity and spending quality time with people who consider themselves highly spiritual. The full moon might exacerbate a conflict between your go-full-throttle spirit and taking a diplomatic approach. Being both gentle and gung-ho can be difficult, but because Leo is such an accomplished performer, you'll pull it off.


Having Venus sitting in your Gemini midheaven for four months, instead of the usual four weeks, suggests that a woman, an artist or both could affect your career for far longer than you can bear. While Venus often adds charm, sex appeal and popularity to a situation - nice for writers, musicians and painters - it can also be overly social and superficial. Just so you know. Also know that right now Mars in your midheaven is pushing you to share your expertise, spread your name around and take risks you'd rather not.


Taxes, mutual funds, estate planning, loans and all manner of money matters can dominate your thinking for the next four months. Because your Venus ruler will be retrograde for a good deal of that time, make a valiant attempt, for a laissez-faire Libra, to handle financial concerns as they arise. The same goes for upcoming romantic attractions, which can have the impact of those proverbial thunderbolts. Watch out for the one that electrifies you when Venus and erratic, erotic Uranus clash on Good Friday. Can you handle a kooky Aquarius?


A cautious Scorpio doesn't have to be reminded that exuberant Jupiter challenging your self-protective Mars co-ruler can make you quite nervous, as well as quite enthusiastic and excited. You're being urged to step beyond the limits you would normally set for yourself, to accept a challenge and the risk involved. Some of that risk is financial, some emotional, but no matter what you decide to do and how much of yourself you're willing to commit, know that there'll be a substantial payoff in September when Mars merges with generous Jupiter.


A mixed blessing. Venus enters Gemini, your cosmic complement, on the 3rd for four long months, instead of one short one. You won't have to watch the goddess flit in and out of your marriage sign, bringing you an attractive partner for an enjoyable, albeit limited, time period. Instead, her ladyship will hang around for the sheer pleasure it gives you, reconsider her involvement and, come August, leave for a traditional Cancer-Capricorn relationship. The full moon this weekend may provide a taste of the romantic thrills, without the bills, to come.


Like your Crab compatriots, you could also find yourself spotlighted by the Libra full moon. Will you become deeply involved in a family affair or will you make a crucial career decision? No matter what happens during this holiday week, it might have repercussions until your birthday comes around. However, there's also a chance that you'll be sufficiently intrigued with magnetic Venus and horny Mars cavorting in your house of romance to ignore anything other than your somewhat uncomfortable attraction to hot stuff.


The next four months should rain plenty of pleasures on your home base, into your parents' lives too. That's because affable, sociable Venus will be in gadabout Gemini, another friendly air sign, until August. While you're under the protection of the goddess of goodness, not much negativity will harm you. But you might want to prepare a defense, e.g., have an excuse for your erratic behavior, when Venus tests your Uranus ruler on Good Friday. Their challenging square aspect usually accounts for your sudden, inexplicable "change of heart."


Wretched excess is never quite as wretched as one anticipates. While risk-taking Mars in your Gemini residence challenges expansive Jupiter in your Virgo marriage sign, the high spirits and bursts of physical energy that are generated needn't have a direct effect on you. Except as an innocent bystander. If your partner wants to play with electrical circuits and mechanical toys, fly planes or build bookshelves, stand clear. Deal, instead, with your own reversal of good intentions on Good Friday. A bit strange, but still sexy.


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