Rockie Horoscope

March 14-20, 2008
You may be in for one of those push-pull weekends, when you're repelled and attracted at the same time.
For some, it's to the same person; for others, the playing field becomes crowded. Nonetheless, a good time can be had by all, especially the romantic souls celebrating St. Patrick's Day with more than the customary blarney and beer. Winter officially ends on Wednesday, the 19th, at 10:49 p.m. PDT/Thursday, the 20th, at 1:49 a.m. EDT, when the astrological new year, O Aries, begins. Celebrate some more.


Spring, a young man's fancy, love and all that jazz. Luckily for the rambunctious Ram, romance is not only wafting through the air, it's as prevalent as pollen. After what seems like an interminable dry spell, affectionate Venus is finally flirting with your lusty Mars ruler. How long can the infatuation last? As long as you continue to feather a suitable nest that'll nurture its growth. Mars' biannual trip through maternal Cancer is also a good time to let emotions you've held in check loose. Cry, baby, cry tears of joy.


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How does it go? "When you're in love, the whole world is Irish." The afterglow from a happy St. Patrick's Day celebration could carry over to Easter Monday, when your affable Venus ruler and silver-tongued Mercury exchange vows under the sign of the Fish. Congratulations are in order for successfully navigating halfway through the complicated emotional maze of a Venus-in-Pisces transit. Take time to gather your senses, to make sure your supporters are still behind you. The surprising second half is yet to come.


Whenever your Mercury ruler and courageous Mars reward each other, you become a stronger, more courageous advocate for your individual interests. You can also be more insistent and, therefore, a bigger pain in the ass. Thankfully, the Mercury merger with Venus softens your demands and makes them more palatable. This three-way tie creates a rare combination of rewarding planetary forces; so while Mercury confronts critical Saturn in Virgo, don't let the problem that arises hinder your progress. Listen and learn.


Whatever the weather, be it stormy or sunny, the arrival of the spring equinox could send your blood coursing through your body. Never more so than this year, when you have fiery Mars in your sign. Another reason to feel your temperature rising is all the attention Mars is getting from lovable Venus in Pisces, an empathetic water sign like your own. While you don't always use words to express your emotions, you shouldn't ignore the choice ones Mercury is making available. Eloquence goes hand in hand with romance.


In the same week that your sun ruler crosses into adventurous Aries, looking to break new ground, you grow more determined to deal with a matter, possibly but not necessarily financial, that has lingered far too long. If you seek professional advice, find out if the balance of power can't be tipped in your direction. Influence peddling may not be kosher, but with the change of seasons, a Lion needs to get out of the lair. Summer will be here soon enough, and you don't want anything to curtail your mobility.


Winter may be officially ending, but the seductive charms of the artistic cold Fish continue to keep you involved in projects they've proposed. One of these partnerships might turn into a romance of dramatic proportions, as first devastatingly beautiful Venus, then your well-versed Mercury ruler entice recalcitrant Saturn to bend the rules. Their pleas may be pretty and irresistible, but not for long. Come Easter Monday, the attraction starts to wane and, in another week, you're looking at a sudden change of hearts or minds.


This week, a pivotal point, 0 Aries, can turn Libra and the other cardinal signs around so much that you may lose your footing. Along with the visible manifestations, the change of seasons has untold effects on all our psyches. However, the Scales, charged with maintaining a balance between opposing forces, often has to work harder than the rest of us to live up to its purpose. For what it's worth, you'll have help from the thoughtful, if not totally rational, pairing of loquacious Mercury and your likable Venus ruler. Speak up.


More home decorating for some, spring-break skiing for others, and for a fortunate few, more romance. There's a delicious rapport developing between verbal Mercury and vivacious Venus in watery Pisces with your ballsy Mars co-ruler in watery Cancer. This relationship reflects particularly well on the October Scorpion. However, along with the Aries ingress and the beginning of the astrological new year comes provocation from your Pluto co-ruler to apply the necessary pressure to resolve the latest power play.


The young man whose fancy turns to thoughts of love in spring is likely to be a Sagittarius. It's in his/your Aries house of romance where a good deal of that action will take place. But not all of it, and not quite yet. First there's an appealing hookup between literate Mercury and luscious Venus in Pisces that can inspire poetry. Then there's a cynical Saturnian/Satanic entity in his Virgo midheaven preventing the sweet sentiments from getting through to his boss or another dastardly daddy figure. Patience, please.


Bombarded by bliss or bah, humbug -- two ways to react to what happens when loving Venus and her consort, Mercury, face your doubting Thomas of a Saturn ruler. Or you could simply go with the flow coming from impressionable Pisces and graciously accept whatever that imaginative sign is offering. Really interesting goods, maybe a service or two. Since Caps, like the other cardinal signs, are liable to be thrown off their game at the Aries ingress, it'll pay to bide your time before you let anxiety get the best of you.


January Water-Bearers will probably be involved in a financial matter that surfaces around St. Patrick's Day and, unlike the snakes of the Emerald Isle, won't leave. Not until your eclectic Uranus ruler decides to exercise its (and your) options after Easter. So while you're not in limbo, you aren't exactly raring to go. As the song says, "Spring can really hang you up the most." Natives born in February may have a purely personal issue to cope with, e.g., resistance from a partner who isn't buying into your blarney.


You can have it all, even if an ogre of a mate is standing in your way, voicing objection after objection. Such is the lot of a compliant Fish who has stern Saturn dominating her Virgo marriage house. Or you could display your many charms (Venus and Mercury are joined in your sign) to desire-filled Mars in your Cancer house of pleasure and playfulness. Or you can try it both ways. If ever you were able to get away with outrageous, even aberrant, behavior, it's now, when experimental Uranus in your sign isn't catching any flak.

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