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The compassionate, elusive Pisces new moon Sunday night initiates another lunar cycle, one quite different from the disturbing dramatic events of February. There are other changes this week as well: On March 2, sociable Venus leaves the Capricorn power elite to hang with the Aquarian everyman. On March 4, militant Mars enters Capricorn, the sign in which it is exalted (works exceptionally well); it moves out on Easter Monday. How's that for a window of opportunity? Also on the 4th, Mercury trades the Aquarius state-of-the-art scientific mode for the spirituality of Pisces. Something's gotta give.


No matter if it's sudden or gradual, even a small change in your priorities can produce dramatic results. As your Mars ruler settles into Capricorn - the practical earth sign in which it works amazingly well - you become convinced that you're capable of accomplishing much more. You may even morph into the epitome of efficiency, dedicated to seeing things through to completion before taking on another project. Who is this creature, and how long will it be around? Until Easter for sure; maybe the entire Year of the Ram.


An assortment of acquaintances may already be egging you on, making suggestions about the direction your career should be taking, if only you heed their advice. Advice is what you usually get when so many planets, and your Venus ruler, are in Aquarius, an idea-driven air sign that would rather not get involved. If you want emotional or artistic support, look to a water sign; for practical, bankable assistance, an earth sign. Right now, Capricorn is your best bet, especially with money problems. Romance? Ask an Aries.


It's that time of year again, the problematic Pisces period, when people who are in a position to pressure you tend to lay it on thicker than ever. By now you should know how to field their questions, ignore the subtle hints and divert the boss's or your family's gaze to something that really needs fixing. All this can be accomplished artfully, without resentment or recrimination, until the fateful Ides of March. Then stern Saturn in your sign steps in to test your definition of stability and responsible behavior.


The Pisces new moon this week marks the beginning of the end of the zodiacal cycle that started with the Aries new moon last April. Congratulations, you're almost finished with the major issues your latest trip around the cosmic circle has brought to a head. Try to make time during the next four weeks to bring whatever is still outstanding to something that resembles closure. Although adorable Venus is leaving your Capricorn marriage house, passionate Mars is checking in for the first time in two years.


Isn't it about time your social life picked up, at least while Venus is in Aquarius, the sign of your cosmic soul mate? An office romance is always a possibility when magnetic Venus is hanging around the water cooler. But the goddess can also fan a desire to check out new places and do things with people you're not particularly close to. Curiosity, when it belongs to a Lion, won't kill the cat. You shouldn't encounter a problem until the middle of the month, and only if you let an obsession get out of hand.


During Pisces, even a confirmed bachelor can be drawn into the divisive "me/we" dichotomy. It can't be helped; while the sun travels through your marriage house, the creative energy of the cosmos points to what you can do, who you become, when you interact with a partner. Like Gemini (end of the school year) and Sagittarius (the holidays), Pisces often turns into a period of adjustment. For mutable signs like yours - who tend to react to events rather than plan for change - the next three weeks can be memorable.


Taking care of business, one itty-bitty detail after another, could turn out to be your latest major accomplishment. Wrapping up loose ends before the astrological year ends may not seem such a big deal. Yet somehow you are inspired (when your sociable Venus ruler meets visionary Neptune) to come up with a novel method of fulfilling an obligation. How this turns into street theater or entertainment is beyond me, but think along those lines and you might have a hit on your hands.


A preponderance of planets at the bottom of your chart locks you into matters dealing with your past and present home life and the extended family. Domestic bliss remains an ideal worth aiming for, especially if aesthetic standards are maintained and you're enjoying a social life. Plus, there has to be a spiritual or psychic influence at work, or you won't feel connected. A choice between love and money may be a problem when the sun squares your Pluto co-ruler next week. Not particularly pleasant, but quite revealing.


During a mutable sun sign such as Sagittarius or Pisces, opportunities for significant change seem to pop up with frequency, alacrity and no apparent reason. Fate's fickle finger likes to fuck with Archers when you're poised on the edge, ready to jump off one bandwagon and onto the next cause. As the Pisces sun tweaks your natal planets and the tension builds, know that even if you flail around a bit, you'll land on your feet and make whatever adjustments are necessary. So what if you spend big bucks in the process?


Impulse buying is usually not your thing - you tend to research a purchase until you're sure you'll get the best deal. However, while a slew of planets pass through your Aquarius money house, the temptation to reach for the latest electronic marvel can be irresistible. Just so you know. You're also in executive-suite space, willing to take on more responsibility, issue orders and have them executed without hesitation. While militant Mars in your sign may make you slightly scary, it can also make you much sexier.


Bending the rules, breaking the mold, twisting your ankle - all possibilities as impulsive Mars and interactive Mercury zero in on your Uranus ruler. These are the last days (for a while) to relish the independence that freedom-loving Uranus has bestowed on you while it transited Aquarius. On March 10, your ruling planet crosses over to Pisces and sticks a toe in deep emotional waters until September. Then it returns to remind you how good you've had it. Why are you already spending like a drunken sailor?


Fish born near the Aquarius cusp may sense the tension building as disruptive Uranus prepares to enter Pisces next week. Expect at least one radical change in your personal life as you develop a greater appreciation for independent action and spontaneity. Happy birthday; this could be the best present you'll get in years. And then again, if you're enjoying a fairly placid scene, drifting along on predictable tides of change, making art and love, then the sudden shock of the new could really throw you for a loop.


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