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If you stick to silly love songs, roses and chocolates and only consider the prospects for the Valentine's Day weekend, which is also the long Presidents' Day holiday weekend, then your chances of distracting yourself with gushy romantic fantasies and down-and-dirty sex are excellent. A generous, show-offish Leo moon on the 14th culminates in the high drama of the Leo full moon on the 16th. Sunday is also when the idealistic, "pray like you've never prayed before" Jupiter-Neptune opposition reaches fullness, and horny Mars merges with passionate, power-crazed Pluto. No pickups in dark alleys, please. A drastic change, a sudden explosion, can occur when the Aquarius sun conjuncts Uranus on Monday. Pisces begins on Tuesday at 6:01 p.m. PST, hopefully in time to soften the blow - nothing romantic about this aspect -- of the malefic Mars-Saturn opposition next Thursday. Love conquers all?


Jumping the gun again? Try to let a situation, as well as the expectations and emotions it is evoking, ripen on its own. Don't push for a dramatic resolution if something else has captured your attention, or because your impetuous Mars ruler is opposed by restrictive Saturn and you're feeling frustrated. Should more rules and regulations stand in your way, so be it. There's usually a reason for slowing down, one you'll discover in due time. Besides, this potent planetary opposition occurs only once every two years.


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A career or family matter could turn into high drama during the Leo full moon this weekend, especially if the situation is related to what was happening at the Taurus full-moon eclipse in November. Think back to the week before Thanksgiving. That was also the time when the Scorpio sun formed a challenging square to disruptive Uranus and provoked further dissension and rebellion. Well, this week the sun meets Uranus and initiates an unusual, even a drastic approach to the problem. Brace yourself.


Anticipate some frustration, even an argument, while take-aggressive-action Mars opposes prudent Saturn in your sign midweek. If you're being urged to do something you're not sure of, hold your ground and be patient. Because it's probably taken two years to fully appreciate Saturn's "slow and steady" course, you don't want to race through the final exam. In June, the next time Mars contacts Saturn, the grand master will be teaching Crabs major life lessons, and Twins will be free of a long-term obligation and the negativity accompanying it.


What you currently value so highly may become a major concern as the Leo full moon focuses on your resources and your resourcefulness. Work might not go as smoothly as you expect, simply because decisive Mars is opposed by restrictive Saturn in your 12th house of self-undoing. Sabotaging yourself or harboring a secret enemy probably applies more to the USA, a Cancer country, than to one lone Crab; nonetheless, that's what's happening. On a cheerier note: Loving, artistic Venus is at home in your Capricorn marriage house.


Searching for the next hot item, fomenting a revolution on principle or simply bored with the same old same-old? A fresh approach, a wild idea - anything that makes the blood pound, your mind race or your heart sing. While inventive Uranus merges with your sun ruler this week, you're open to practically anything you haven't yet experienced. And that is exactly what you'll attract. However, an emotional full moon in your own sign can make your reaction to strange behavior equally memorable.


If nothing especially interesting is happening careerwise (Saturn in your midheaven went retrograde four months ago), you can look forward to things picking up, albeit slowly, after Saturn flips forward on the 21st. Also, having the sun in your Pisces house of partnership means that more people will want to share time and space with you. Despite the "twoness" of the Fish credo, as long as your Mercury ruler is in independent Aquarius (until March 4), maintaining your own idiosyncratic identity will take precedence.


Fun and games - diverse and somewhat dangerous - could hold your attention for a while longer. Actually, the next two weeks would be a good time for a holiday, to go someplace you haven't been and have few preconceived notions about. Strangely enough, restrictions on foreign travel (ninth-house activities) may be lifted (for Libra-risers) when worry-wart Saturn in gadabout Gemini turns direct on the 21st. But if you're stuck somewhere (in school, in a religious tradition) you'd rather not be, that roadblock might be removed as well.


Money you stand to inherit, an award from an insurance policy, profits from an investment (if that still exists), could start flowing after Saturn switches direction (from retrograde to direct) on the 21st. While the lack (Saturn) of resources you share with others may have thwarted financial matters during the last four months, the situation will change once Saturn in your house of joint finances starts to move forward. Real progress could take a while longer, probably when Saturn enters water-sign friendly Cancer in June.


A meaningful dialogue, no matter how clumsy, can begin once Saturn in your Gemini house of significant relationships makes a positive move on the 21st. Reluctance, fear or sheer inertia may have conspired to keep you dissatisfied with your business or life partnership. Saturn withholds, denies and generally tries to squelch whatever spontaneity or enthusiasm you have for a person or a project that involves that person. Saturn, a.k.a. the Grim Reaper, opposing your Sag sun can suck the life right out of you. And that's why these forecasts have been so depressing.


You, above all other signs, should notice a change in the general atmosphere when your Saturn ruler switches from reverse to forward motion on the 21st. Even if you're being jostled, insulted, slashed or burned by militant Mars' opposition to resilient Saturn, you'll withstand the attack, no matter whom or where it comes from. Remind yourself that having loving Venus in your sign until March 3 is a blessing, a comfort and a joy to be celebrated for as long as the goddess of beauty and art stays with you.


High drama, thanks to the royal presence residing in your Leo house of partners. Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard couldn't match the over-the-top effect of your partner's performance during the Leo-Aquarius full moon. An issue that's been buried (or quietly brewing) since the crucial lunar eclipse in November might rise from the depths of someone's smarmy unconscious to haunt you again. But if the pre-Thanksgiving period was a piece of cake, then you'll have nothing unpleasant to re-examine, no family garbage to recycle.


Solar Pisces starts the night of the 18th, and that is a good thing for you guys. For us, too. Although the more threatening planetary connections haven't finished dumping negativity on mere mortals, at least there are festivities we can look forward to. No sign appreciates the healing power of a common experience like the Fish, or is as willing to provide the thread that ties us together. So before Mardi Gras signals the end of the fun and the beginning of Lent, party on.

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