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The weekend starts out with cosmically conscious Pisces new-moon energy merging with Uranus, the Awakener. Won't we be surprised how the spirit of rebellion works its wondrous ways! Things may seem chaotic until the sun and stable Saturn trine on Wednesday; "seem" rather than "be" because the delusional, fanatical square between Mars and Neptune glamorizes our perceptions and distorts the "truth." Mercury moving into Pisces also adds an imaginative, poetic touch to what is being heard and said. On Thursday, Mars in value-conscious Taurus is supported by protective Jupiter in Virgo, and that positive note should bring us down to earth in a good, growth-oriented way.


Will you let your imagination run away with you? This week, your incisive, truth-seeking Mars ruler is fascinated by the allure of the impossible. Amorphous Neptunian spirituality can also have a hold over you; so might the illusion of glamour. Will you jump on the bandwagon and use Jupiter's generosity and optimism to promote your own project or impress a loved one? Will you go way over the top? Probably not; enthusiastic Jupiter and courageous Mars in practical earth signs support farsighted, steady growth, not high-risk, flashy ventures.


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Lucky you. Being energized by motivated Mars in Taurus is one good thing; benefiting from its rewarding relationship to prosperous, protective Jupiter in Virgo is another. Jupiter will hang out in your area of romance and creative expression for the rest of the year, but Mars moves on to Gemini at the spring equinox. Don't dilly-dally, don't stop to smell every rose. Use whatever good fortune you stumble across this week to move your agenda, idealistic and humanitarian as it may be, forward. But be sure there's a little something in it for you.


Kaboom! Steel yourself for the surprise awaiting you, especially if, like Cher, you were born on the Taurus cusp. When the Pisces sun (this weekend) and your Mercury ruler (after Wednesday) collide with unpredictable Uranus, anything might happen. A rude awakening or an original idea can change the course of your career; a chance encounter may lead to a mentor or your new guru. Now is the time to give your intuition free rein or, knowing how much you value inside information, at least equal weight with the latest rumor.


Focusing on your personal financial situation and how closely it is tied to the needs of significant others might finally pay off. While the compassionate Pisces sun favors prudent Saturn in your sign, your attempt to achieve fiscal responsibility can be recognized as a good thing. Mutual monetary matters - the taxes, loans, credit cards, insurance, inheritances and alimony payments that fill your house of sex, rebirth and other people's money - are a hotbed of activity this week. A Scorpio may simply be hot for you.


Try to maintain a balance between common sense and camaraderie when colleagues come knocking at your door. Lions usually greet new social situations with open arms and a pure heart; this is especially so while your sun ruler is passing through compassionate, charitable Pisces. This week, the sun's favorable trine to restrictive Saturn just might allow you to put a leash on that generosity of spirit. It'll also save you from drowning in guilt and remorse. Why do you think needy folks come to you first? Who can't say no?


That shot of get-up-and-go you may need to promote a project or your own image arrives when energetic Mars trines enthusiastic Jupiter in Virgo on the 26th. A lot of money could be made, a cultural icon created. Especially if you can adjust to Mercury's new mode of thinking: Your ruling planet leaps from scientifically savvy, media-friendly Aquarius to musical, mystical, mesmerizing Pisces. Your concern for the common man could also shift focus, from social and political situations to religious affiliations and spiritual matters.


It can get fairly torrid in your world this week. While the imaginative Pisces sun and erotic Uranus are meeting in your house of romance and risk, your Venus ruler is blazing a trail through your adventurous Aries marriage house. Can you have it both ways, or any way you want? You betcha! The lack of interest you may have encountered last weekend is fading fast, although there's likely to be some practical benefit from whatever restraints were imposed then. Meanwhile, take time to consider the financial proposition a colleague presents.


First the inspiration, as your Mars co-ruler reacts to a dream or vision sent by Neptune. This is followed by a prudent appraisal while the Pisces sun favors sensible Saturn in Cancer. Then the two water-sign planets trigger a positive response from your natal Scorpio planets. Either a fortunate opportunity for growth or a substantial reward shows up when beneficial Jupiter trines Mars on the 26th. So far, so good. But the capper will be the soul satisfaction you get when amorous Venus embraces your Pluto co-ruler next weekend.


If you've been sitting on a moneymaking idea or your latest creative effort, waiting for the right time to spring it on the world, this week could be it. Although your Jupiter ruler is still retrograde (it doesn't flip forward until the May 4 lunar eclipse), the planet of growth and good luck receives strong support, a favorable trine, from take-action Mars on February 26. Another window opens during the April 5 full moon on the first night of Passover, which is the day before Mercury turns retrograde. That's when Mars squares/challenges Jupiter. Why wait?


Since Caps are well schooled in the art of patience, you probably won't mind waiting until midweek, when the Pisces sun favors your Saturn ruler, before you do what you feel you must. Such positive aspects don't come along very often, so feel free to relish the satisfaction they bring. Chalk up another good-to-go or glad-you-went moment when daring Mars and fortunate Jupiter, both in friendly earth signs, set off waves of gladness as they reach out to your natal Capricorn planets. Even the household goddesses might be appeased.


Small stuff, but relevant nonetheless. A secret linking you to a casual acquaintance or a group of reformers could be revealed over the weekend. Will it be blown out of proportion when stir-it-up Mars tweaks delusional but imaginative Neptune in your sign? Will it morph into a screenplay? How much originality will burst forth when Mercury, the writer, meets your idiosyncratic Uranus ruler on the 26th? How explosive can the result be? And how much crap has to be cleared away before you're forgiven? Careful.


Exaggeration is merely one of the all-too-human conditions cropping up this week. The Big Lie usually gets told when truth-seeking Mars tests vague and vaguely inspirational Neptune. Although you might not take it personally, because Neptune is Pisces' ruling planet you could be affected nonetheless. Musicians, visual artists and preachers relish the challenges feisty Mars presents, but most Fish prefer to avoid them. Look instead to the secret pleasures you can enjoy during this precious period of domestic tranquillity. Happy birthday!

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