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Friday the 13th might spook some people, but if you're not superstitious and are totally secure in your romantic relationship, you won't mind the scary things that can happen when Venus is given the cold shoulder by stern Saturn on Valentine's Day. So much for sweets, hearts and flowers; stick to the practical and economical. This may also turn out to be a weirder holiday weekend than anticipated because Mercury is deluged with idealistic Neptunian illusions. While poets and spinmeisters are inspired by the conjunction, the rest of us should question the veracity of what we're being told. Pisces begins late Wednesday night, the Pisces new moon occurs early Friday, big surprise next Saturday. Be prepared.


Dualistic Pisces is often a weird time for the forthright Ram because the subtleties of this emotional water sign can slip right past you. Although you don't have to be on guard, it couldn't hurt to keep an eye out for a colleague's erratic behavior or your employer's overblown expectations. However, with luscious Venus in your sign, you may be too busy with your social life to pay much attention to other people's oddities. Venus urges you to look your best, indulge all your senses and flirt like there's no tomorrow.


Sense and sensibility. The cutting edge that comes from having Mars in your sign is excellent for incisive psychological analysis and social commentary. Also, because Martian energy isn't always available, now would good time for a nip/tuck procedure, dental surgery or body building; unless you're patient enough to wait until August 2005 when Mars returns. Since the next transit of Taurus will take six months to complete, there'll be plenty of time to consider and reconsider your decision. Plan ahead or act on impulse?


A memorable Gemini poetry fest takes place whenever your Mercury ruler is inundated with inspirational Neptunian vibrations. Oh, the imagery, the rhythms, the exaggerations! Knowing how susceptible to hyperbole you are right now, a cautious Twin would direct the "willingness to suspend disbelief," a classic definition of romanticism, toward a spiritual or religious end, not toward an unattainable love object. Channeling lyrics and creating visual artworks are other seemingly non-toxic undertakings, but go easy with the drugs and alcohol.


Try to get your taxes done while the Pisces sun is still in your house of joint finances, and while a rewarding aspect from unpredictable Uranus can send unexpected bucks your way. Once the new moon on the 20th revitalizes a fiscal situation that may have outgrown its usefulness, you can declare bankruptcy, apply for a loan or extend your credit line. You're currently in a good position to see things for what they are, as well as to recognize their potential for growth. Just stay clear of drama queens and hero worshippers.


Despite your desire to fix what is broken, to stick to your New Year resolutions and spend quality time on yourself, your focus is being drawn to significant others and their problems. One of those relationships could take you by storm when your sun ruler meets idiosyncratic Uranus and radically changes the way things were. If there's time and energy left, try to forge ties with entrepreneurial folks on the Net. The good fortune that Jupiter in your Virgo money house promises to deliver should take root before May.


If you're not heading out for a midwinter vacation, this would be a good time to buckle down and do what must be done, even the boring bits. While Virgos tend to be grounded in the specifics of a situation, during diffusive Pisces, you can easily absorb the more abstract aspects. There's a reason why the spaced-out Fish is your cosmic complement, so while the sun and explorative Uranus meet, you may discover the essence of compatibility. Apply these techniques to your daily routine and share them with your co-workers. Smooth operator.


Fun times for Libra social butterflies clinging to fewer expectations. Being willing to accept anything and anyone may make for interesting dinner conversation, but going with the flow right now could also bring you face to face with a good-looking person who'll inspire you to aim a bit higher. While your Venus ruler travels through spirited, sanguine Aries, the vision of you as Warrior Princess or Prince won't seem so far-fetched. Stop negotiating for a peaceful solution, and instead fight for what you truly want.


Establishing a comfort zone with your folks or handling a messy household matter won't seem as daunting as it was during the holiday season if you can direct supportive Pisces new moon energy toward those ends. As odd as it may sound, even a control-freakish Scorpio might be willing to try something new this week. Although this is the first winter that inventive Uranus is in Pisces, it is far from the last. Prepare to be impressed, maybe even shocked, by unexpected changes taking place throughout the various branches of your extended family tree.


Petty annoyances are to be expected while neighbors and siblings find or, since we're in imaginative Pisces, make up reasons to be upset with you. There's not much you can do except ignore or, if you're feeling forgiving, endure their complaints. This time of year the friction factor tends to increase due to the planets passing through pity-me Pisces. It might get worse - in early March when the sun opposes your expansive Jupiter ruler - before it gets better. Until then, redefine your fine romance. Commitment?


More about the money. Although Capricorns are customarily too thorough about financial matters to be deceived, there are enough "What if?" concerns in your money sector right now to ask, "What's up?" Since disruptive Uranus is also lurking in that area, something totally unexpected might happen to shake your confidence. So double check all transactions for another week and play it even safer than usual. Also table your desire to transform your pad into a palace until you have a clearer vision.


Read for Gemini. You too could be swept away by the sheer poetry of what's happening, i.e., silver-tongued Mercury and visionary Neptune meeting in your sign. Or, more likely, what might happen when the sun and your Uranus ruler collide on the 21st. If you want to break free of a situation or a relationship, this would be the appropriate time to run for the hills. Or to instigate a rebellion, especially if you're under pressure to follow rules and regulations you don't agree with. Are we talking about social etiquette, sexual politics or the NCAA?


You can set your own agenda if you align your intentions with the creative energy of the Pisces new moon. Consider Friday the 20th another birthday; along with your solar return, it serves as the beginning of another yearly cycle. As synchronicity would have it, this week you're also blessed with the beauty and goodness that Venus bestows on your artistic Neptune ruler. Without much hoopla, an opportunity to rise above the commonplace and attain one of your cherished ideals could appear out of nowhere.

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