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True, false or intentionally misleading? Because nebulous Neptune exerts a major influence on Saturday's sun-moon conjunction in Aquarius, what happens during this lunar cycle, perhaps throughout the entire Year of the Ram, can be overly idealistic, rabidly religious and subject to misinterpretation. Should be good for music and movies, though. The Pro Bowl on Sunday comes with another spiritually sanctioned Jupiter-Neptune opposition, an enthusiastic, expensive sun-Jupiter opposition, a favorable connection between Venus and unpredictable Uranus, as well as the fan-tastic Mars-Neptune sextile. On the 4th, Venus enters Capricorn, where she will suck up to people in power until the next new moon. Launching a bold enterprise? Try the 5th, when courageous Mars and prosperous Jupiter form a rewarding fire trine.


The idealistic Aquarius new moon may have inspired you to turn a creative impulse or your sympathy for a community cause into an everyday activity. Just make sure that your approach is your own, that it's not diluted by vaporous Neptunian vibes (unless you're aspiring to sainthood, in which case you'll need whatever spin you can get from PR people big on hooey and hierarchy). Also watch out for the Ram's latent militancy, your "my way or the highway" attitude. Planning to kill a tender Valentine's Day moment?


A sudden urge to take an art-history course or a cruise through the Caribbean springs from the inspirational Aquarius new moon and the start of the Chinese New Year. As long as you're opening up to a culture that's exotic or unfamiliar, you'll feel you're making progress and enriching your life. Around this time, a financial matter that's been slow to show a profit or any satisfaction at all begins to make sense. If you can avoid getting into a grudge match, you can have a pleasure-filled Valentine's Day.


Because Twins are able to think ahead and weigh alternatives better than most, the potentially good and bad situations that'll develop from the seeds sown at the Aquarius new moon may appear as plain as a name recently placed on the dotted line. Keep in mind that a partnership or contractual matter could evolve into a major problem by Valentine's Day. You'll probably have to appease the beast you live or work with if you want to get away for the long Presidents Day weekend or even to enjoy the holiday at home.


Despite a busy work schedule and a fairly full social life, you may be tempted to develop another meaningful relationship after the Chinese New Year. This lunar cycle highlights ways to capitalize on a joint venture, also on the attraction you have for someone who shares your values. Although the romantic implications are not yet obvious, who knows what'll happen once affectionate Venus enters your Capricorn marriage sign on the 4th? Be careful you're not courting danger on Valentine's Day. No extreme sports.


February is an excellent time for Leos to strut their stuff. Because your sun ruler contacts a wide variety of planets, your energy can bounce from spiritual pillar (when it merges with idealistic Neptune) to practical post (while it's being supported by sensible Saturn). In between, you'll feel well protected by generous Jupiter (and lucky, to boot) before daring to venture beyond the boundaries of convention on Valentine's Day. Expect changes as the sun meets unpredictable Uranus in Aquarius on the 17th.


With so much hotheaded fire and air energy bouncing around, it may help to know that your Mercury ruler is still transiting reality-based Capricorn and that affectionate Venus is also in that friendly, down-to-earth sign. A measure of common sense and sensory pleasure should counteract the high-flying platitudes and fleeting ambitions that are motivating other signs. And while you might not be moved on a deep emotional level, come Valentine's Day weekend, you'll get enough sweet smiles and sugar to satisfy your cravings.


If nothing else, the Chinese New Year can inaugurate a series of feasts celebrating the joys of having friends from different walks of life. Even achieving a bit of domestic bliss is not such a far-fetched ideal this month, not as long as intelligent life surrounds your home. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, save it for Presidents Day weekend, when you and a loved one might be in jeopardy. No matter how well you ski, heart-stopping, ultimately reckless behavior should be postponed for another time.


You seem to be putting plenty of pressure on yourself to make a big splash; you don't need a parent's enthusiasm or a client's assistance. However, be aware that both of your ruling planets, macho Mars and powerful Pluto, are about to join forces in your Sagittarius house of assets and values. If there's something you're determined to grab for yourself, mid-February would be the best time to take it. That's when you're able to prove just how passionate you are about what you desire and how willing to take a risk.


Fiery Mars in Sag provides a blast of energy and eagerness you can direct to a joint financial project or to your continuing search for answers to major philosophical questions. How, why and why me? Because your protective Jupiter ruler is involved, the prospects for meeting specific goals look good. However, come Valentine's Day, when take-action Mars teams up with Pluto, ruler of the underworld and the collective unconscious, you could inadvertently sabotage what you set out to accomplish. Where is the love?


Another rewarding week as the Aquarius sun favors your prudent Saturn ruler. Rarely does following tradition pay off the way it can now. If you're making plans for Valentine's Day and considering doing something unusual or original, fight the urge. When it comes to romance, tried-and-true is the way to go. Should you feel compelled to blaze a trail and make your mark, come up instead with an artwork or a fashion trend you can cash in on. Few can resist Venus when the goddess is in Capricorn.


Happy birthday. There's precious little you can't pull off, no matter how wild or chaotic it may appear. February is the one time of the year when rebels and kooks can find universal favor with the public, when ordinary expectations don't squelch creative, anarchistic expression. Take advantage; the spotlight is on your ideals and what makes you unique. Support, if you need it, comes from a generous co-worker; your lover or child can be the steadying influence that'll keep you within the limits of the law.


Precious "eureka moments" may be more frequent this month, simply because the cosmic energy is focused on your higher mind, not on day-to-day doings and other trivial pursuits. Physicists and philosophers (some preferred professions of the Fish) will thrill to the possibilities that open up while the sun travels through inventive, iconoclastic Aquarius. Electronic wizards and enthusiastic lovers may already be anticipating the goodies due during the Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend. Yippee!


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