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Remember the stunning Grand Sextile/Star of David Taurus full moon eclipse in November? Well, this Friday, the full moon at 17 Leo-Aquarius stimulates what was set in motion back then. FYI: It usually takes three to six months for the effects of an eclipse to manifest. This weekend could turn out to be equally memorable, especially if you're taken by surprise during the innovative Mars-Uranus sextile on the 6th. Mercury also brings inventive solutions to the same old problems when it moves from carved-in-stone Capricorn to electronic Aquarius that day. On Sunday Venus shifts out of Pisces, where the goddess made sacrifices for your cause, into Aries, where she'll pick up a sword to defend it. On Monday, Mercury and Mars provoke a heated discussion for the sheer hell of it.


Enough of the fire-and-brimstone speeches, impulse buying and sport-fucking! Now that your passionate Mars ruler is in sensuous, earthy Taurus, you can be a lot more receptive to the discreet charms of the bourgeoisie. But if cutting arguments are your forte, the ongoing discussions this weekend should please you as well. Popular Venus traveling through Aries for the next four weeks makes the solitary Ram an obvious, not an obscure, object of desire, especially for tradition-bound Goats and Crabs who enjoy the chase.


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It may take a couple of days to realize the impact the Leo-Aquarius full moon has on your decision-making process; especially if a matter that took center stage in November is back in full force. Give yourself time and enough leeway. Right now Bulls, especially those born in early May, are under Jupiter's protection, safe from the pressures of an authority figure, boss or bossy parent. Incidentally, your Venus ruler, in adventurous Aries as of Sunday, can turn you into a tireless hunter and a no-holds-barred lover.


Congratulations, on Friday your Mercury ruler breaks out of the traditional, family-centered Capricorn mindset it's been stuck in since early December. That's a long time to go back and forth over the same ground before inching forward ever so slowly. Now you'll be able to experiment freely, tap into innovative think tanks, check out tentative solutions without making a commitment, and play around with the latest methods that make the Aquarius mental process so liberating. Enjoy, the fun ends with Ash Wednesday.


Now that Venus is at the top of your chart, women might start throwing their weight around. They could also be the ones who provide the next opportunity to advance your career. Be prepared for more responsibility, a tighter budget and a certain amount of snobbery that can go both ways. Frustrating encounters might heighten your aesthetic sensibilities; although artists will eventually overcome the limitations and perhaps be openly grateful for the experience, the other Crabs are likely to seethe in silence.


It might not seem like a big deal or even be apparent, but because your sun ruler is on favorable terms with regenerative Pluto this week, healing can take place on a level you're simply not aware of. While you're busy with work and your co-workers or following your day-to-day routine, the creative fires that sustain the heart of the Lion are being refueled. Before the month is over, a powerful work of art or a dramatic outpouring of love and devotion can spring forth from the sea of confusion you're currently drifting through.


Cool it with the fear factor. Because expansive Jupiter is in your sign, the prospect of actually experiencing a run of good fortune can be daunting. The typical Virgo reaction to a growth spurt is first to think of all the things that can go wrong, and then to set up contingencies and safety nets so you don't fail too badly. But this prudent mindset may change once your Mercury ruler leaves pragmatic Capricorn for progressive Aquarius. All of a sudden you might become enthralled by the latest discovery in your area of expertise.


February could be unexpectedly enjoyable, what with a vibrant group dynamic setting the stage for inventive fun and games. There's also a chance that some sort of romantic relationship will develop while your Venus ruler passes through your Aries marriage house. But if you don't find a true love by Valentine's Day, graciously accept more respect or admiration than you think you deserve. You could also get a timeless gift or stumble across a sensational bargain if you take Momma's advice and "shop around."


Pass the buck. Let your partner assume more responsibility for the pleasures you both enjoy. Now that your energetic Mars co-ruler is in your Taurus marriage house, the physical and sensual nature of your relationship can take center stage. Do you work out together? Cook together? Who is massaging whom? How hard, how long? This weekend, it should be fairly easy (for a secretive Scorpio) to discuss how you feel about the give-and-take. Better do it before confirming plans for the Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day holiday.


Take the bull by the horns. Courageous Mars in Taurus is adding a taste for adventure to your usual menu of entertainment venues and recreational pastimes. You might not want to run at Pamplona, but you could be coaxed into trying an activity that's almost as thrilling, but a lot less dangerous. Creature comforts and deeply satisfying sensual experiences can call out to you, like Circe, during the next few weeks. Unless you're John Kerry, who must play the role of stalwart hero, succumb with pleasure.


It's perfectly natural, and socially acceptable, to obsess about finances while the sun focuses on your Aquarius money house. It would be out of character not to. You might also find yourself finding fault with a loved one, simply because Venus is preparing to disappoint your Saturn ruler in time for Valentine's Day. These are not particularly difficult times, but for a Capricorn, they are intensely personal ones. What's new with you? What changes do you intend to set in motion at the next new moon?


Gimme, gimme. Acquisitions can become a major concern while Venus, shopper extraordinaire, invades your house of assets. Liking this, hating that, the goddess of good taste is determined to provide long-lasting pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you're cruising art galleries or comparing appliances at Sears, know that no matter what you buy, while Venus is in cahoots with conservative Saturn, you'll be getting a bargain. As for Valentine's Day, unless the exchange of gifts conform to romantic traditions, you're likely to be disappointed.


An interim week, although preparations for Valentine's Day/Presidents' Day festivities could keep you busy. Plan on doing something unusual or artsy with friends, think up something sufficiently romantic for your sweetie. Just stay clear of the same-old, same-old family problem and try to table any discussion until Pisces begins next week. However, while impulsive Mars is in your money house, you may suddenly decide to deal, once and for all, with a major household expense. Careful, don't get carried away.

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