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Two powerful conjunctions this week. The first is sexy and classic; it's the yearly matchup of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, with regenerative Pluto, lord of the Underworld. Somebody - Taurus, Libra, Scorpio or Sag? - comes back from the weekend transformed. Super Bowl Sunday could be tricky. The Scorpio moon challenges disruptive, unpredictable - interceptions, fumbles, bad calls - Uranus in Aquarius and goes void at 3:14 p.m. PST, just before the game gets started. The rah-rah Sagittarius moon doesn't kick in until 7:26, by which time the contest should be finished. Romantic Venus opposes stern Saturn on Tuesday, but while that downer may be frustrating, even depressing, it'll pale in light of the ethereal, inspirational marriage of the Aquarius sun and mystical Neptune next Thursday.


It would be better to sit on the sidelines this week and let some other players carry the ball. Rams need to focus on the strong sexual attraction you may have for a freewheeling Sagittarius or someone equally high-spirited, not on scoring points against the opposition or whoever else is holding you back. Impressing the coach or a client is easily done by using your imagination. We're not talking bald-faced lie, but it would help your cause if you can take something that's obvious, even banal, to a higher, more spiritual plane.


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Sex, money and power - the holy trinity - can be an overwhelming force this weekend as your pleasure-seeking Venus ruler succumbs to down-and-dirty Pluto. Their annual meeting may not make you comfortable, but if you're holding any grudges, now would be an excellent time to let 'em rip. On the other hand, you could don angelic gear and, instead of playing gangster and gun moll, climb on a sanctimonious soapbox and extol the virtues of self-sacrifice and prayer that the sun-Neptune conjunction promotes. Or go see the movie.


This week could be tricky. First you have to dodge the temptations that a passionate, power-crazed Venus-Pluto conjunction in your Sag marriage house puts in your path. Or not; either way, a choice has to be made. Then you get to deal with a cold shoulder from a partner when Venus opposes Saturn in Gemini on Tuesday. Or maybe you'll be the icebox instead. What could be the saving grace is a supportive trine from the sun's meeting with visionary Neptune in Aquarius, an intelligent air sign like your own. Suddenly, the future seems clear.


While it's still January and the focus on health, exercise and diet hasn't switched completely to Valentine's Day, candy and champagne, try to follow your workout routine with dedication and determination. The same could be said about an assignment at work. The Crab's ability to transform, rebuild and regenerate is especially strong right now; so is your talent for inspiring others to do likewise. What you don't want to do is confront an old stick-in-the-mud who is calling the shots from behind the scenes. Instead, let an associate buck tradition.


If a needy friend or something else doesn't get in your way, you're likely to have a week filled with affection and adventure, plus a greater appreciation of art for art's sake. You'll also be energized by your sun ruler's contact with physically fit Mars on Super Bowl Saturday night, in case you feel like firing off a few passes. However, the phenomenon that can raise the level of the playing field is the annual merger of the sun with idealistic Neptune in your Aquarius house of partners. Whether singly or as a duo, you're about to be inspired.


Try to make some repairs this weekend while Venus (the beautifier) and Pluto (the regenerator) dominate your home base. Or buy a new bookcase to accommodate a burgeoning interest in a subject you find irresistible. Motivation like this doesn't come around very often, so before the urge to improve and embellish slips away, act fast. You could also apply this energy to a family situation that needs fixing, something painful or icky that's been buried long enough. P.S.: You'll get another chance to dig it up when Mars meets Pluto during Valentine's Day weekend.


An attraction - it needn't be sexual - to someone in the neighborhood or a distant relative can be puzzling. Where did it spring from, and where is it heading? While your seductive Venus ruler is tied up with powerful Pluto, there's precious little you can't get once you decide what it is you want. Whether you lay it on thick or are subtle and cool, any suggestion will be hard to resist. You can also take advantage of the sun's meeting with imaginative Neptune and make a magical addition to the house.


You're in an enviable position this week because your Mars co-ruler benefits from a favorable sextile to the sun while your Pluto co-ruler gets plenty of pleasure and approval from affectionate Venus. A neighbor or family member might come through in non-material ways, e.g., urging you to write a song or turning you on to a new artist. However, if you're aching to buy something sexy or secretive, the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your money house ensures that you'll have the resources to fulfill an unflagging desire. Desire is the key word.


Demanding and irresistible - an unbeatable combination you can do whatever you want with. Last year, when magnetic Venus met persuasive Pluto in your sign, you may have gotten a glimpse of the sort of power you can wield when these two forces get together. When they meet again this weekend, you'll be ready to pounce on the object of your desire without a moment's hesitation or a whiff of guilt. But if you want to enjoy your power trip in secret, use the misty, magical sun-Neptune conjunction to hide behind. Curtain. Wizard. Oz.


Any one of the digital devices that download tunes from the airwaves (the music of the spheres?) and transform photographs into pixels could be yours while the sun and Neptune meet in your Aquarius money house. In olden days, when film was a plastic art ruled by oil-based, chemically induced Neptune, and video and computer chips were governed by electronic Uranus, it was possible to separate one form from the other. But since Neptune and Uranus have both been in Aquarius, no way. In March, Uranus will move into Pisces; Capricorn entrepreneurs can capitalize on this change.


Read for Capricorn. You're the folks who are supposed to be inspired by the sun's meeting with musical, mystical Neptune in Aquarius. Whether you're destined to make serious money or simply sniff out the latest trend is still up in the air. What might capture your interest this weekend is a hush-hush liaison between sociable Venus and passionate Pluto in your house of "Hey, don't I know you?" Be careful, though; a chance encounter can lead to heavy-duty action, possibly an explosion, over the Valentine's Day weekend.


Read for Capricorn. I assume I channeled a message for somebody, but I'm not sure who. Because the sun amplifies the finer qualities of your Neptune ruler when they conjoin next Thursday, you're apt to be divinely inspired sometime soon. Try to pay attention. However, first you might have to elude overtures and suggestions from a powerful higher-up, or even wind up a party to a scandal. Sounds like Casting Couch 101, a course you've already passed. Also, more family stuff: Who gives with one hand, takes back with the other?

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