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There's not a lot of flexibility from the stars this week, just subtle shifts in approach while Mercury and Venus, no longer in lockstep, ascend from earthbound Capricorn into the airy, but fixed, realm of Aquarius. Mars and Pluto, conjunct in fiery Sagittarius, are either fortifying or killing each other, depending on how their combined energy field is manifesting. As February begins, Jupiter in mid-Libra turns retrograde for the next four months. Lady Luck may become a lot less ladylike, less generous too. Anticipate a blend of inspiration, confusion and delusion while the sun merges with idealistic Neptune, the true believer of the zodiac, as the week ends. Get high, make music and dance.


This week, becoming involved in foreign affairs, or having an affair with a foreigner, could be dangerous. While the ever-adventurous Ram is usually eager for any exciting experience, during the next few days you'd be wise to think twice before indulging. Although sex may be the obvious incentive, the access to power could be the stronger, albeit unconscious, attraction. A partner is liable to be less gung-ho once optimistic Jupiter in your Libra marriage turns retrograde on 2/1. If you need a favor, ask a female client or your mother.


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After facing stiff opposition this weekend - your Venus ruler confronts Saturn's reliance on the rules - you'll probably welcome any change in approach. Congratulations. On the 2nd, Venus leaves earthbound Capricorn for the not-unbearable lightness of being in innovative Aquarius. Your newfound willingness to experiment could lead to the ??ber-romantic celebration you envision for Valentine's Day. Luckily your visual sense is heightened by the sun's proximity to imaginative Neptune; by midweek, your ear for music too.


The rash of good times you've been enjoying doesn't have to end when Jupiter turns retrograde in your house of romance and risk. However, you might not be as willing to take a chance should you sense your lucky streak has run out. If you buy fewer lottery tickets, expensive toys and lavish dinners, you can probably survive the next four months fairly comfortably. You'll also benefit from a change of attitude when your Mercury ruler shifts modes of thinking this weekend: out of status-conscious Capricorn, into altruistic Aquarius.


The atmosphere at work or the gym could become quite intense, borderline violent if things get out of hand this weekend. Crabs born around Bastille Day should scurry away from any heated discussion, all the more so if they feel threatened. That's because Saturn in your sign is under pressure from both manipulative Pluto and militant Mars. An idealistic Moon Child may be easily deceived while the creative sun and impressionable Neptune stroll down the primrose path. Glamorous? Usually. Inspiring? Occasionally. Authentic? Rarely.


The cloud of fairy dust you're facing is probably emanating from one of your significant relationships. Is it simply an aura of fabulousness that your current mate is emitting or have the old wedding photos been restored and magically retouched? Whatever fantasy you're now buying into should be recognized for what it is: a sun-Neptune conjunction in your Aquarius house of partners. Don't let yourself be misled or deluded, either inadvertently or on purpose, just because the sexual heat you're generating is too hot to handle by yourself.


Like the Twins, you're liable to change your approach once your Mercury ruler leaves tradition-bound Capricorn Saturday for the intellectual freedom of Aquarius. No longer will you feel obliged to maintain the status quo. This doesn't mean that the concept of family or the people in it should be ignored, not as long as irritable Mars remains lodged in your Sag house of "from womb to tomb." This would be a good time to undertake some heavy-duty remodeling and repairs, e.g., breaking down walls (of resentment?), re-establishing lines (of communication?).


When an opportunity arises to exchange words of war with your neighbor or sibling, don't go there. Although the odds of coming out okay are in your favor, the passion of the moment could linger far too long and scar too many people. At the same time, your talent for creating romantic fun and games is heading toward its annual high. Better to add interesting Aquarian elements into the household, e.g., an electronic toy or an e-mail pal, than to fortify the fence that's keeping irritating folks out. Or not. Try both.


If ever you were inspired to do something for your homeland, this week, while the innovative Aquarius sun merges with idealistic Neptune, could be the opportune time. Although you may have been so inclined last year, you didn't have the combined energy of your two ruling planets, heartfelt Mars and powerful Pluto, driving you forward. During the sun-Neptune conjunction in 2006, Mars will be working its way through a long, seven-month transit of your Taurus house of partners, in opposition to your natal Scorpio planets. Not much cooperation there.


The deeper we get into Aquarius, the less concerned you'll be about money matters. Is it because this humanistic air sign is so altruistic, you'll care more about your bucks going to a good cause than where they're coming from? Not really, but if you want to fool yourself into thinking so, the idealistic sun-Neptune conjunction will lend support to that myth. Other forms of deception, such as exaggerating to make a point or fictionalizing a real-life experience, qualify, especially if you hope to profit from the figments of your imagination.


The pressure to perform, to achieve one of your many objectives for the new year, may go by the wayside as soon as detail-driven Mercury and value-conscious Venus leave your sign. You'll get a big boost of physical energy after Mars enters Cap on the 6th, but until then, consider yourself on a vacation of sorts. Since it is your imagination and moments of divine inspiration that are featured this week, celebrate Candlemas, also known as Groundhog Day, with something more flagrantly festive than repeated viewings of the same old movie.


Not for just an hour, not for just a day, but not for always either. Because protective Jupiter in air-sign-friendly Libra is retrograde from 2/1 until 6/5, don't count on making as much progress as you have been. This doesn't mean that you'll suddenly dumb down; more likely there'll be time and opportunity to re-evaluate situations that have contributed to your recent growth. When considered from another perspective, i.e., hindsight, you're liable to come to a different conclusion. After Jupiter turns direct, another point of view.


One of the highlights of the winter is the annual meeting of the Aquarius sun and your impressionable, idealistic Neptune ruler. Until Neptune enters Pisces in April 2011, you'll have to be satisfied with rare moments of divine inspiration transmitted from the cosmos at large. Or, failing that, the incentive to do good works inspired by contact with your fellow man. Then there are those magical periods of creative fervor that engulf you whenever artistic Neptune is lit by the sun. If not right now, next weekend.

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