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You might sense Mercury's flip from retrograde to direct a few days before the 22nd, when it's due to happen, but don't drop your guard yet. Fender-benders tend to pile up around the dates that Mercury seems to stop in midmotion - ask any body shop. Fiery Mars' move into fiery Sagittarius on the 16th should make you more passionate about whatever you're involved in, more the crusader than the spy. The Cancer full moon Friday night/Saturday morning focuses on family and career issues, where you come from and where you're going to wind up. There's nothing trendy about ??ber-traditional Cancer-Capricorn energy. Not until the sun enters Aquarius early Monday does that breath of fresh air blow in. All of a sudden, new possibilities pop up! Take advantage of the ones you get when loving Venus trines lucky Jupiter on Tuesday, the 21st.


On the 22nd, Mercury stops re-examining the path you've been following since mid-December. However, the Messenger probably needs more time before deciding what your next career move should be or who will present it. Although you may be rarin' to go because your Mars ruler is now in high-spirited Sagittarius, don't let restlessness or enthusiasm distort what would be the correct timing of important events. And when might that be? Next weekend, when you're highly motivated, and the Chinese New Year, when you become divinely inspired.


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Bulls may get an opportunity to make a killing when your Venus ruler merges with powerful Pluto on the 25th. But if you aren't connected to big-business moguls or the usual suspects in the underworld, lay a trap for a would-be lover instead. No planetary aspect is quite as seductive as the annual meeting of those two master manipulators, or as clandestine. Be sure to take an extra helping of good luck while prosperous Jupiter favors the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure this week. A poker game at your house?


You would think that the minute your Mercury ruler comes out of its retrograde slump on the 22nd, you'd jump at the chance to take action, even if it's rash or ill-advised. Well, now you've been warned to wait until you see some semblance of a workable plan taking shape. Your first inkling of what lies ahead should come with the new moon and the Chinese New Year, but you may have to bide your time until Mercury returns to the position it held before it flipped on January 2. How does a February 11 launch date sound? Repeat after me: Patience is the key to heaven.


You might as well concentrate on the relationships that are already in the works rather than pursue one you can't lay claim to . . . yet. While perceptive Mercury in Capricorn reveals what really was happening over the holidays, and hints at what's coming up next, you'll probably have to wait some more. Until affectionate Venus gets to your marriage sign, it'll be early February before your social life gets to be as good as it gets. But for now, go with the flow emanating from lucky Jupiter in your Leo money house. Treat yourself to a little luxury.


The action starts to pick up, not only because Mercury is getting ready to move forward, but because on Monday your sun ruler enters Aquarius, the sign of your cosmic mate. Does that mean the elusive butterfly of love is about to appear? Not exactly. But you might find a gig you love, a co-worker you can really relate to or a charity that tears at your heartstrings. Until then, make the most of the enormously lucky, excessively self-indulgent trine between generous Jupiter in Leo and pleasure-freaky Venus in Sag this week.


The latest changes are subtle, but they could also be substantial. While the sun's trip through Aquarius can turn all of us into humanitarians or rebels, its freewheeling attitude is sure to spice up your love life. Virgins usually tend to idealize the object of their affections, but right now you might attract a bona fide scam artist. Your Mercury ruler's flip from retro to direct on the 22nd should set your focus back to the future and your thoughts on mending family affairs or whatever else in the house isn't quite up to snuff.


Home might not be where your heart is at the moment, but it is where a number of planets are gathering. January wouldn't be a bad time for a family reunion or a big Super Bowl party with neighbors, friends and fans in your clan. Once Mercury flips on the 22nd, you can buy the stuff you've had your eye on since the post-Christmas sales began. If your employer is fairly generous and has sufficient foresight, this would be a good time to ask for a raise. It's an iffy proposition, but for now, Lady Luck is on your side.


Some call it a windfall, some karmic payback, some the chickens coming home to roost and lay those golden eggs. No matter which form your good fortune takes, thank the rewarding trine between prosperous Jupiter in your career midheaven and Venus in your house of income earned. Performers and gamblers can do especially well, but anyone involved with entertainment, art and elegant merchandise, e.g., lingerie, will benefit. You'll enjoy it all, especially the lingerie, when loving Venus and your sexy Pluto co-ruler meet next weekend.


As your magnanimous Jupiter ruler makes contact with magnetic Venus in your sign this week, the gods of winter bestow their real gifts. You're getting a double helping of good luck and good looks, so show some appreciation. Don't assume the rewards will continue to be as big or as satisfying once Jupiter vacates friendly, cheerful Leo. Next year's holiday season could be more challenging, more family-centered and more frugal, too. But for the immediate future, until the Chinese New Year anyway, let's overeat, drink and be merry.


Hanging with friends and participating in official group interaction, e.g., union elections, can suddenly take up more of your time. Which of your many interests will you actively pursue with these folks - human rights or an online book club? Something sexy is bound to come out of this project, simply because flirtatious Venus and passionate Pluto are headed for their yearly tryst. Make sure you keep a secret you've uncovered to yourself, especially if a co-worker is involved or someone's health is under scrutiny.


Your season in the sun begins on the 20th, when the sun enters Aquarius and your will to power is unleashed. The physical manifestation of your good intentions becomes apparent while take-action Mars in your midheaven is lit midweek. Blazing trails, setting records and defending your beliefs can make you a hero to your boss, parents, even a public official. Ever consider running for office? That altruistic, "we, the people" Aquarian vibe is very strong right now; find a way to make it work on your behalf as well as for the greater good.


As soon as Mercury turns direct, why not sign up for a class that can bring you a lot of pleasure as well as an opportunity to make quite a bit of money? Recreational and risky activities would fill the bill, e.g., producing a play abroad or catering celebratory events. While Venus in your Sagittarius midheaven allies with protective Jupiter, the world is your oyster. The two planetary "benefics" will provide pretty people to shuck it, also to present highly enjoyable situations. Negativity from the family? Ignore it.

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