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The long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend is fueled by a favorable trine between adventurous Mars in fiery Aries and powerful Pluto in equally fiery, but less reckless, Sagittarius. Solar Aquarius begins on Tuesday, the Aquarius new moon is exact Wednesday afternoon at 1:05, and the Chinese Year of the Monkey begins on Thursday the 22nd. Is this the New Year celebration we've been waiting for?


Pushing your weight around? The powerful connection between your single-minded Mars ruler - in your sign, but only until Groundhog Day - and passionate Pluto can make you quite irresistible, but somewhat overwhelming. If that's the case, try a gentler, less insistent approach. Since it follows that "To the victor belong the spoils," who wants those spoils to be spoilsports? Use the new-moon energy on the 21st to inaugurate another phase of your long-range career plan; then you can net more money next month.


Get serious. It's not every day, week or month that your pleasure-loving Venus ruler forms a constructive relationship with realistic Saturn. Because the Year of the Monkey begins on such a practical, productive note, you can significantly improve your financial situation and career opportunities before the Rooster crows next year. Your first test comes as the month ends, when Venus confronts generous Jupiter in your house of romance, risk and recreation. Will you spend wisely or go for broke? Either way, play the lottery.


Shop around for the most useful object you think you need, because you won't be this practical again for many moons. Once the airy Aquarius new moon introduces a fresh approach to traditional ways of doing things, you're likely to become enamored with a novel idea that you can see to its conclusion. Meanwhile, the urge to spend lots more money on the house or a family matter won't abate until acquisitive Venus and expensive Jupiter quit egging each other on. You might become entangled in this contest until the Super Bowl is history.


Another new moon, another reason for the Moon Child to start something new. But first, try making some whoopee! While affectionate Venus and restrictive Saturn form a favorable trine, you may actually feel good about the limitations the gods have imposed on your sex life. Venus in water-sign-friendly Pisces can come up with other pleasurable opportunities, particularly mutually profitable ones. So before you get swept away by the innovative Aquarius lunar vibe, take another look at your current relationships and their positive effects.


Read for Aries. You, the preferred object of desire, might have to withstand a horny Ram's prolonged attack. But after the new moon kicks in, Leos born in July could feel obliged to re-connect and confess to their partners. August birthdays may discover something unusually interesting or artistic about their current gig and be inspired to work as hard as they play. While your sun ruler is in Aquarius, the sign of your cosmic complement, every interaction with a significant other can be much more meaningful than you think.


Remind yourself that Valentine's Day falls during Aquarius, and that the dawning of the Aquarius new moon in your house of romance can lead to something/someone special. Keep an eye out for prospects for true love, especially after Luna enters Pisces on the 23rd. A Virgo sun and a Pisces moon is a match made in heaven. Another chance at happiness pops up when enthusiastic Jupiter in Virgo and loving Venus align on the 29th. Mark the date: That's also when your Mercury ruler receives Jupiter's blessing.


More stuff may be going on than you can handle. There's that aggressive partner Mars in your Aries marriage house, aligning with a nosy neighbor. There's your Venus ruler advocating that you head for a semblance of stability, but quite a lot more responsibility, with someone who is overseas or in academia. Plus there's the Aquarius new moon promising that something new, and infinitely more interesting, is about to sprout from under the family tree. Before the month is out, a jealous fit and a reason to spend like a sailor.


You'll be your persuasive and sexy-beast best while your co-ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, perfect their supportive trine this week. Besides the goodies you'll get without half-trying, this pairing can bring a lot more money from the work you usually do, also from something you do purely on your own. The more adventurous or innovative, the better. The future-oriented Aquarius new moon is bound to bring a household or family matter to the fore, or, if you were born in November, an issue the entire neighborhood can relate to.


A pastime you can be passionate about, a passionate love affair, a romantic adventure - any one or all three can follow from the positive energy flowing from courageous Mars to regenerative Pluto in your sign. If ever there was a fortuitous time to make a change, now would be it. Although you may get a glimpse of an either/or predicament facing you when affectionate Venus opposes your all-encompassing Jupiter ruler next week, push won't come to shove until the Pisces sun confronts Jupiter in early March.


You might get into an argument with a co-worker or an authority figure when Mercury opposes Saturn, but since lovely and loving Venus is favoring your ruling planet at the same time, who cares? The rewards the goddess bestows on you now can be materialistic as well as romantic, and of the finest quality. Entertain constructive thoughts and envision your heart's desires, so when the Aquarius new moon brings fresh, inventive energy onto the scene, you'll be in a proper, i.e., positive, frame of mind.


Encouragement and support from a neighbor, a distant relative, a former schoolmate or a casual acquaintance who appreciates what you're selling, be it a product, a concept or, more likely, yourself. While the sun is in Aquarius, you can't help but project the humanitarian concerns and progressive attitudes the rest of us relate to and rely on. Launch your latest project with the new moon on the 21st; by Groundhog Day, when the sun joins idealistic Neptune, you may discover that you already have a devoted fan base.


If you're thinking about redirecting your career path or have recently done so, now would be a good time to make a bold financial move. While courageous Mars is in your Aries money house, why not strike out for greater independence? By the time the sun gets to Aries in April, you could enjoy the first rewards of the action you take this week. If a higher income isn't a goal, simply lie back and, while Venus is still in your sign, let the rest of us pay homage to your artistry, good taste and beautiful soul.


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