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Now that Mercury is finally facing forward and Wednesday's Cancer full moon has brought tender emotions to the surface, perhaps you can show a bit more enthusiasm about the new year. Even though expansive Jupiter recently turned retrograde, its favorable trine to the Cap sun on Friday can still provide substantial rewards. Since Jupiter is in circumspect, health-conscious Virgo, it's entirely possible that you won't go overboard with the gambling, eating and drinking this weekend. Next Wednesday could be problematic because Mercury returns to Capricorn while Venus enters Pisces and bumps into awkward Uranus. Surprise! Another change of heart?


For the next two weeks, you'll continue to be in a pivotal position as the person most likely to influence co-workers, neighbors and your boss. Not everything you suggest will be easily accepted, because Mars in your own sign tends to be both perceptive and abrasive. However, everyone knows that the Ram doesn't have a hidden agenda and that you're a champion of the whole truth and nothing but. While also provoking heated discussion, opting for ethical behavior and ultimately challenging repressive authority figures. Hey, if that's what it takes to get laid.


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You're twice blessed this weekend because lucky Jupiter in your house of romance and risk may come up with a memorable experience, while the earthy Capricorn sun rewards your peaceable, sensual nature. Although mid-May birthdays might discover that their divided loyalties are being discussed, the rest could join the many martyrs who have sacrificed their all for a higher cause. Once your Venus ruler enters idealistic Pisces and meets Uranus, something truly unexpected can happen, something intriguing enough to alter your current agenda.


Consider the possibilities. While forward-facing Mercury revisits the last degrees of your Sagittarius marriage house, you could renew an acquaintance with a decidedly younger, and probably smarter, person. Don't let traditional taboos or outworn attitudes stand in the way; after your ruling planet enters paternalistic Capricorn on the 14th, you could opt for safe instead of scintillating. Meanwhile, enthusiastic Jupiter in your real estate sector can tempt you with visions of kitchen make-overs and generous relatives.


Although it may not be apparent at first glance, you could be receiving substantial support from the sort of people who usually get appointed to run the show. While the hierarchical Capricorn sun favors Jupiter this weekend, the powers that be may send you off on a new learning experience or steer you toward a new set of wheels. Now that Mercury is direct, it's a good idea to comparison-shop, but put off signing contracts for another two weeks, until Mercury comes out from under its "shadow," the degree, 13 Cap, at which it went retrograde last month.


A good deal of money is either coming in or going out, but whether it's to or from a charitable organization, your local lottery outlet or the office football pool is up for grabs. Just know that this weekend could turn out to be a lot more celebratory than you anticipated. While your sun ruler is aligned with lucky Jupiter, you become a beneficiary, no matter who is holding the winning ticket. Meanwhile, if you're not already knee-deep in an exciting adventure, keep an eye out for the chance to show what you're made of.


Thank your lucky stars, specifically the Capricorn sun and Jupiter, for the goodies you'll get this weekend when those two perfect their rewarding, down-to-earth trine. Just be aware that having Jupiter in your sign is an invitation to overindulge in your favorite things, and if that consists of eating and drinking, then you could run up an impressive tab. Better to shower the object of your affection with tokens of your love. Also know that your dearly beloved may have a sudden change of heart when Venus and Uranus meet midweek.


You could find yourself on a slippery slope this week as assertive Mars in your marriage house issues demands or, worse, takes the initiative. Try to discuss what the next step should be before the matter is entirely out of your hands. If you need to hold on to something more supportive than an irritable, reckless partner, connect a friend to another family member, one who appreciates the value of "old school." The payoff, for you, might not be immediately forthcoming, but it'll be there when it counts.


"Home Sweet Home" can be a fairly abstract concept this time of year, what with Caribbean cruises and tropical beaches beckoning. However, while Neptune, Venus and Uranus inhabit your domicile, you may suddenly become enamored of something in the house you were ready to toss. Or a family matter you found too upsetting to deal with. Remember: Change is the only constant you should count on. Meanwhile, you could learn something really interesting from or about a neighbor and/or benefit by your association with a group of your peers.


No guarantees, but it looks like you're in for a substantial payoff when the sun in your Capricorn money house favors prosperous Jupiter in your Virgo midheaven. Whether you're due for a raise or are being nominated for an award, expect something special from this relatively rare trine aspect. While the sun transits Capricorn every year like clockwork, your Jupiter ruler expands your career prospects only once every 12 years. Any opportunity you're offered now could turn out to be the "main chance" and the foundation of a future fortune.


Earth signs have it easy. Because the Capricorn sun is favored by lucky Jupiter in Virgo this weekend, you could stumble into a windfall simply by being who you are. Or, if you go online, where you wind up. But don't assume that more money is a given; with three spacy planets in your Aquarius house of values and assets, there's a good chance you'll be duped by misguided idealism or a truly nutty idea. However, if you are shopping for a unique item or state-of-the-art merchandise, this would be the week to find it.


Things can change noticeably next Wednesday when magnetic Venus leaves your sign, so use the allure of the goddess to charm the people whose support you want now. Don't wait for the ideal moment; don't let any opportunity, no matter how mundane, slip by. You'll have other chances to connect once solar Aquarius begins, but they might not be as full of affection or as artistically satisfying. Also brace yourself for somewhat of a shock when Venus collides that day with your Uranus ruler.


Fish born on the Aquarius border are in for a rude awakening when loving Venus bumps into erotic Uranus in your sign midmonth. Maybe you'll fall hopelessly, helplessly in love; maybe you'll have a totally unexpected change of heart about your current amour. Maybe you'll donate your wardrobe to the homeless, lop off your hair and embrace a heretofore unacceptably sparse lifestyle. Fish born in March can simply enjoy the goodies coming to a partner while the dependable Capricorn sun rewards Jupiter in your Virgo marriage house.

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