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Things may still be up in the air, or raining down on us, due to the disruptive square between the Sagittarius sun and Uranus, the Awakener, in Pisces. The Gemini full moon on Friday is also affected by the erratic, rebellious energy Uranus emits, so don't do anything too loony, please. Fooling yourself becomes much easier while impressionable Neptune is favored by expandable Jupiter on Monday. Their rewarding trine should be a major boost for spirituality and religion; movies, music and museums, too. On Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde at 27 Sagittarius, the heart center of our galaxy. If you get a message from "out there," it could come from Mars and Venus as together they penetrate Neptune's cosmic cloud cover. Quite romantic, very sexy.


Divine intervention or merely divine inspiration? While protective Jupiter supports spiritual Neptune at the high point of your chart, consider the benefits bestowed on you - probably via a prosperous partner - to be an act of God. What other entity, besides a higher power or an all-forgiving mate, would deign to deal with your Doubting Thomas or, conversely, Super Fan routine? Horny Rams are also headed for one of those relatively rare, once-every-two-year interludes when your rambunctious Mars ruler weds romantic Venus, this time in sexy Scorpio.


Yesterday Mercury turned retrograde in your house of sex and death, inheritances and insurance - ways you can be deeply affected by other people's values. Until mid-January, don't assume you can take information for granted, especially delivery and departure dates. Despite the helter-skelter atmosphere of the holiday-season party plans, you're due to experience perhaps the most romantic encounter of the past two years. And because ballsy Mars and your Venus ruler meet in your Scorpio marriage house, who knows down what aisle that'll lead?


Your Mercury ruler's flip into retrograde on the 30th can affect significant relationships for far longer than the usual three weeks. Not until January 8 will the Messenger (and by association, you) be free and clear of whatever began with the new moon on November 13. So until then, resign yourself to going back and forth, revising your position and realigning with allies/adversaries. Bored already at the prospect? Don't be; there's enough variation on the theme to maintain interest, especially when less-significant others become involved.


Your philanthropic sentiments could know no bounds while prosperous Jupiter and idealistic Neptune form a supportive trine. Will it be a deserving charity or an artistic partner who benefits from your good intentions? Or will you direct that optimism inward and spend all that money on making your home a better place to live? This could be the most spiritually rewarding holiday season since 2000, the last time these visionaries were in such harmony, so before you become totally engrossed in a hot-and-heavy romance, choose a beneficiary.


Prepare to wing it. Mercury turning retrograde in your house of romance, recreation and risk suggests that plans you've made for all of December and the first week of January might have to be revised at a moment's notice. If you're entertaining, keep it casual. Air/hotel reservations? Keep your fingers crossed. A romantic tryst? Keep it a secret from chatty Mercury, while the planet darts this way and that through Sagittarius. Despite possible detours and delays, the holidays can still meet your high expectations.


Your Mercury ruler's retrograde trip through Sagittarius will likely center on family relationships, but other than a shift of focus from a partnership arrangement, the Gemini forecast applies to you, too. Check the timing so you know when to ease up on what might easily become overly voracious demands. Pluto in Sag amps up the intensity of everyone's unspoken desires, while its meeting with Mercury puts additional pressure on your ability to discern what's best for all concerned. This includes priorities as well as presents.


Feel free to vaunt your moral superiority and breadth of vision while expansive Jupiter in Libra finds favor with idealistic, imaginative Neptune. This hookup is so rare that canonization for sainthood might not be far behind. Benevolent Jupiter will bestow lots of rewards while it is in your sign, but come next Thanksgiving it'll be gone. Do your good deeds ASAP, so that when your all-embracing Venus ruler joins passionate Mars in Scorpio on the 5th, nothing will distract you from wholeheartedly pursuing romance.


Knowing that Mercury is retrograde in your Sagittarius house of money and values until December 19 could change your Xmas plans. Would it be safer to wait until then and order all your gifts online and shipped FedEx overnight? Too expensive? How about giving everyone on your list a check postdated for January 8, which is when Mercury finally emerges from the shadow it fell under on the weekend of November 12? That's also when the Scorpio new moon launched another phase of your ever-evolving personal development.


Like Libra, you too may be elevated to sainthood or its pop-culture equivalent while your expansive Jupiter ruler and idealistic Neptune form a rewarding trine. Though their alliance is spiritually uplifting and beneficial, watch out for "too much of a good thing." You know how quickly the worm can turn, especially while Mercury is going back and forth in your sign. Mercury's retrograde period ends the day before winter officially begins, so don't make any carved-in-stone birthday plans. Be willing to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances.


Goats are liable to be hailed as heroes while benevolent Jupiter in your reputation-making midheaven exchanges blessings with idealistic Neptune. Even though smoke and mirrors are nowhere in sight, some sort of magical act could be involved. Let's hope it won't turn out to be a classic bait-and-switch routine. Just remember that there's lots of money to be made and spread, if you expand your current objective. Use your imagination; envision a higher benefit - spiritual capital? - for all concerned.


It seems that you've passed a test of your significant relationship - one set in motion two years ago - with flying colors. Now sit back and count how much your shared resources have grown in the interim. And hasn't the image you project improved as well? The rewarding trine between prosperous, protective Jupiter and enigmatic Neptune in your sign reaches perfection (becomes exact) this week. Enjoy the goodies that land at your feet; perfection doesn't last long, but it will return for summer.


Old-school as well as new-school Fish should benefit royally from the favors bestowed when Jupiter, your former ruling planet, trines Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. This mutually supportive alignment is relatively rare, with four-year intervals between payoffs. However, you might be more intrigued by the sexual excitement being generated while both girlie Venus and macho Mars come on to Neptune in a not-so-rare square. Provocative to say the least, and if the truth be told - which it probably won't be, at least not to you - rare enough.


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