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Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Real Estate

Here Are the 10 Cheapest Places in Greater L.A. to Rent a Home

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Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 8:04 AM
L.A. continues to be one of the most expensive housing markets in America.

Real estate website Zillow crunched the numbers earlier this month and discovered it takes nearly $100,000 a year in household income, which would put you in the top-fifth of income earners in the United States, just to rent an average house in this town.

As part of that analysis, the site let us peak at its neighborhood-by-neighborhood Zillow Rent Index list of average single-family home rents in the L.A. area. Here are the 10 cheapest areas. In many cases, you won't be surprised.

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  • Office of the Governor/Facebook
In what has become an annual holiday tradition, Gov. Jerry Brown this week granted pardons to 104 convicts who have proven to courts that they have rehabilitated themselves, the governor's office said.

An overwhelming number of cases involved drug possession, and several even covered marijuana-related crimes that might not even raise an eyebrow today. Even minor "hard-drug" possession has been knocked down to an automatic misdemeanor in most cases under Prop. 47, which California voters passed last month.

Still, there were some interesting pardon recipients this year, including a woman, Anong Baker, who served four years following 1992 sentencing in Merced County for "soliciting to commit murder."

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Yes, a Violent L.A. Rapist Is on the Loose

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Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 10:54 PM
  • Serapiglia via the LAPD
UPDATE at 10:55 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 24: The parolee has been captured. Details are below. First posted at 3:07 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 23.

As if the Los Angeles Police Department didn't already have its hands full with holiday party people, DUI enforcement and a number of recent homicides, a "violent" L.A. rapist who was on parole cut off his court-ordered GPS monitoring device and disappeared into the wind recently.

Forty-three-year-old fugitive Joseph Serapiglia is the man who raped, stabbed and beat a woman and then threw her down a Topanga Canyon hillside in 1991.

Police told us that late Friday night he cut off the ankle monitor he was ordered to wear as part of his parole.

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Kobe Bryant's Christmas stocking contents might surprise you. - CLIFF
  • Cliff
  • Kobe Bryant's Christmas stocking contents might surprise you.

The Lords don’t leap as well they used to. Even if defenders triple-team the pear tree, Kobe refuses to pass the partridge. No pipers are piping, unless you count Jeremy Lin paraphrasing Das Kapital in this recent post-game interview. No turtle doves either — only inordinately Swaggy ninja turtles.

If you translate the Lakers 9-19 season into Christmas metaphors, the Lakers are the lumps of the coal in a Neiman Marcus stocking, frigid shooters exhibiting the defensive mobility of snowmen—at least when Kobe’s on the floor. He’s three sips of Vino away from covering the locker room with Charmin toilet paper and calling it a motivational present. 

Every night at Staples Center, a different ghost of Showtime past haunts the franchise. The once-unflappable James Worthy has been reduced to skipping around Time Warner's studio and chanting Swag like the baldest member of Odd Future. On ESPN, Magic Johnson publicly urges the team to tank at levels unseen outside of Philadelphia. Byron Scott treats Kobe with such adoration that he’ll be sprinkling frankincense and myrrh around his locker before Thursday’s match-up with the Chicago Bulls.

But unless No. 24 lumbers to the Christmas tree tomorrow morning to find age-defying potions, this season is unsalvageable. Still, that’s no reason to turn your back on the franchise of Kareem and Wilt, Shaq and Smush Parker even as your favorite team gets ransacked by Pau Gasol and his elves. With the holiday spirit sweeping us, it’s only right to offer a guide to the ideal gift for this season’s Lakers team and the fans.

Kobe Bryant: 
-Four ancient and rare terra cotta warrior statues from China, to be the silent, military-minded, and non-shooting teammates he’s always dreamed of.
-A first-edition copy of Ayn Rand’s,The Fountainhead.
-A team of North Korean hackers to hack into every advanced analytics website whose numbers show that the Lakers are better without Kobe on the floor.

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  • LASD
This suspected Grinch didn't steal Christmas, but he allegedly stole a Rudolph display from the roof of a Ranchview neighborhood sign in Rolling Hills Estates, authorities said.

This week they announced that the stolen, wooden, red-nosed reindeer was back in the hands of its owners after they found it being displayed on the roof of a South Bay mobile home. "It was remounted and lit up as if it was their own Christmas decoration," the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

Sheriff's officials this week announced an arrest in the case of the missing Rudolph, too:

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California's historic plastic bag ban—we're the first state in the union to say no to plastic, disposable bags at markets—could be overturned if you vote to do so.

The group Californians Against Waste says it expects opponents of the ban, including the plastic bag industry, to turn in enough signatures any day now to put the matter before statewide voters in November, 2016.

About 504,760 valid signatures from registered voters would have to be turned into the California Secretary of State. Opponents of the ban were expected to turn in more than 700,000.

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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has a big job to do.

He's the top political dog in a city with the least affordable housing in the nation, the worst roads in America and a massive divide between rich and poor. Garcetti has said he's bringing City Hall "back to basics" so that it will serve the everyday needs of Angelenos.

So, of course, he's attacking the small stuff head-on by ... ensuring that people don't get hassled by sheriff's deputies for charging their cellphones at Metro rail stations. Actually, he's right on this one.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


LAPD Investigating Racist Michael Brown Song Performed at Cop Party (VIDEO)

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Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 4:37 PM
The Los Angeles Police Department today was investigating a cop party performance of a Michael Brown parody song, which mocked the victim of the infamous Ferguson, Missouri police shooting that sparked a national debate over how law enforcement interacts with unarmed black men.

The performance was a version of Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," except lyrics included the lines, "And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese / His brain splattered on the floor / And he's dead, dead Michael Brown / Deadest man in the whole damn town."

Protesters already planning on a 6 p.m. "Festivus" demonstration on police shootings outside LAPD headquarters tonight said they would be decrying the incident as well. The parody performance on Monday, Dec. 15 at the Glendale Elks Grand Lodge was captured on video (below).

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  • Windsor Square via Google Maps
Windsor Square is, in a way, L.A.'s original Beverly Hills, a suburb of wealth that developed as the city moved west about a century ago. Homes there still list for as much as $2 million, sometimes more.

Last night, only blocks from the mayor's official Getty House residence in the same community, a prominent widow was found fatally stabbed, police said today.

The victim was identified as 86-year-old Antonia Maria Yager, widow of late Superior Court Judge Thomas C. Yager.

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  • File photo by Timothy Norris/L.A. Weekly
A marijuana delivery app was shut down in Los Angeles after a judge granted a preliminary injunction against the service at the behest of the L.A. City Attorney's Office, authorities announced today.

The app, Nestdrop, recently halted its cannabis service in L.A. anyway, but it said in a statement today that it "will continue to service all areas outside of Los Angeles’ city limits."

The injunction, issued by Superior Court Judge Robert H. O’Brien, "will prohibit the operators of the app from facilitating deliveries of medical marijuana in the city and directs them to modify the app to remove any and all references to medical marijuana delivery in Los Angeles," the City Attorney's Office states.

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