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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Controversial Detective Frank Lyga Fired by LAPD Chief, His Lawyer Says

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Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 2:21 PM
  • Gaines, left, and Lyga, via Jasmyne Cannick/YouTube
Updated at the bottom: An LAPD spokesman confirm's that "Lyga is no longer in LAPD employee."

Controversial cop Frank Lyga was terminated by Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, the detective's attorney, Ira Salzman, told L.A. Weekly today.

Lyga was sent home with pay in June after a recording of comments he made to an ongoing-training course for law enforcement was brought to the media's attention by political consultant Jasmyne Cannick. The white detective, who justifiably* shot a black officer in 1997 while both were out of uniform, said, "I could have killed a whole truckload of them."

See also: LAPD Moves to Fire Frank Lyga Following Racially Charged Remarks

During the November class at the Police Academy, Lyga also called a black civil rights attorney an Ewok, described a fellow cop as a "fruit," and suggested that an LAPD captain slept around.

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The Hollywood film and TV industry told taxpayers that $100 million a year in tax giveaways to keep the business from heading to other states wasn't enough.

And so Sacramento responded by giving one of California's wealthiest industries nearly $1.6 billion of your money over five years, starting in 2015. This despite a finding by the state Legislative Analyst's Office that such "tax incentives" don't really benefit you, the people.

See also: $1.65 Billion Hollywood Tax Giveaway Approved, and It's a Shame

And now we find out the truth: Hollywood hasn't been hurting much at all this year.

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  • Pete Souza for the White House
Do you really care what users of a sexually charged hook-up app for guys' guys think about politics?

We do! Remember we're L.A.'s alternative news source. The gay male community is relatively happy with the performance of President Obama, who has made no secret of his support for LGBT rights.

While Obama's overall average approval rating for his latest quarter in office is about 41.5 percent, according to Gallup, approval among Grindr users seems slightly higher:

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Los Angeles is many things to many people. Some idiots think we're all about Hollywood. But a vast majority of the daily lives of average Angelenos has zero to do with Tinseltown. 

Here's an aspect of the city you might have neglected: College and post-college life. We certainly don't have the academic glow of Boston. Yet, by one measure we have the best university on the planet.

See also: Once Again, 2 of the World's Top Universities Are in L.A.

And now a report released this week by CityObservatory shows that Los Angeles is a magnet for the nation's degree-holding young adults:

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  • Illustration by Fred Noland

Sheila Kuehl and Bobby Shriver don't seem to like each other much.

The two candidates vying to replace Zev Yaroslavsky on the powerful L.A. County Board of Supervisors appeared on KCRW's Which Way L.A.? broadcast last week. Reporters were allowed to remotely listen in to the recording session. Before the broadcast began, Kuehl, her mic already turned on, could be heard bickering at Shriver:

"No wonder your initials are B.S." she said to Shriver, whose response could not be heard. "You're a younger brother, aren't you?"

The candidates' styles could not be more different. Both are charming in their own way. The 73-year-old Kuehl is Zev-esque in her blunt, brusque demeanor, her prickliness and her irritability. One might say she doesn't suffer fools; one might also say she feels a sense of entitlement, as if she deserves the job and Shriver doesn't.

The 60-year-old Shriver exudes buoyancy and boyishness. He can appear excitable, almost manic at times. Where Kuehl is detail-oriented, Shriver is big-picture. Kuehl speaks of the enormity of the job of managing the county's gargantuan $26 billion budget. Shriver speaks of bringing in new blood and new ideas.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Health & Nutrition

Santa Monica Bans E-Cigarettes For Outdoor Diners

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Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 2:54 PM
Santa Monica, once a bastion of liberal freedoms, has formally banned e-cigarette use in outdoor dining areas, in parks, at beaches, around libraries, and at the city's famed pier.

Santa Monica even banned vaping near ATMs, at bus stops, and "within 20 feet of the entrance, exit or open window of any building open to the public," according to a city statement released yesterday.

See also: L.A. E-Cigarette Ban in Bars, Clubs Burns Some

The City Council recently took a second and final vote on the matter. The ban goes into effect ...

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  • chefbelive/Instagram
Something tells us that if African American actress Daniele Watts would have kept quiet and walked away after she was contacted by police for allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in a Mercedes parked at an L.A. curb last month all this would have gone away.

But Watts, known for her work in Django Unchained, immediately claimed racism was at work. It turned out to appear to be a false accusation against the police, and today the L.A. City Attorney's office filed misdemeanor charges of suspicion of lewd conduct against Watts and paramour Brian James Lucas stemming from that alleged sex show in Studio City Sept. 11.

See also: Daniele Watts' Story About a Racist LAPD Stop Is Falling Apart

Witnesses said they saw the pair getting it on:

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Despite the fact that San Diego has for decades been California's second-largest city, it's number-one L.A. and third-place San Francisco that have been the West Coast's most-bitter rivals.

See also: Here Are L.A.'s Top 5 Promiscuous Neighborhoods

The Bay Area might have the Giants, the 49ers, and a red-hot tech scene. But L.A. will always have sex. And we're not just talking about our multi-billion-dollar porn industry.

Yeah, we beat up San Francisco pretty good on this list of the Golden State's most sexually active cities:

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  • Porn's AVN awards via Nate "Igor" Smith/L.A. Weekly
The L.A.-based porn industry was ordered back to work this week after about a five-day production shut-down prompted by a report of HIV that was possibly contracted on-set.

The question of whether or not HIV was actually contracted has not been answered by adult video trade group Free Speech Coalition.

See also: Porn Production Halted as a Report of On-Set HIV Is Investigated

But it did say "precautionary testing has been completed and there is a medical determination that the performer pool has not been compromised." What does that mean?

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Shark fin soup - ALPHA / VIA FLICKR
  • Alpha / via Flickr
  • Shark fin soup
State Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, is the odds-on favorite to succeed Henry Waxman in Congress. But in the closing weeks of the campaign, Lieu is being attacked on an unusual issue: shark fin soup.

In 2011, Lieu spoke out against a state law banning shark fin soup. He also suggested that some of the arguments against the taking of shark fins were racist. "There's nothing inherently wrong about drinking shark fin soup," he said at the time.

A new mailer sent to voters in the 33rd district accuses Lieu of failing to protect marine ecosystems.

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