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Friday, October 31, 2014

Scot Graham, the LAUSD employee who sued Superintendent Ray Cortines in 2012 for sexual harassment, says he will refile that suit now that the elected seven-member LAUSD School Board has rehired Cortines

"Last week, the board of the LAUSD announced the re-hire of Ramon Cortines and sent a clear message to its employees and to its students: sexual harassment at the highest levels of education in Los Angeles is tolerated and even rewarded," said Graham in a press release. A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge threw out the lawsuit in 2013 on the grounds that the statue of limitations had expired.

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  • Mark Greenberg/Virgin Galactic
UPDATE at 1:08 p.m: The Federal Aviation Administration adds some details to the story. See their statement below. Also, video of the crash site has been added to the bottom this post.

It is believed that one person has died and another was injured in the crash today of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, a California Highway Patrol official said.

The crash site is near Redrock Randsburg and Cantil roads in Cantil, California (see a map, below), the official told us. It wasn't clear exactly what time the crash was reported, she said. The CHP was working traffic control in the area.

In a statement Virgin Galactic said its partner, Scaled Composites, was conducting a test flight when the accident occurred:

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What with all the creepy clowns roaming the streets of Bakersfield, it has been an especially eerie Halloween season in California this year.

See also: Creepy Clown Sightings Freak Out Bakersfield

Now comes word that a Southern California woman was attacked early this Halloween day by a stranger who was dressed as the Grim Reaper.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department today described the knife-wielding man as an "unknown suspect," indicating that he was a stranger and that this was possibly random.

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A 31-year-old suspect from Sylmar has been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of the famed tattoo, graffiti and piercing artist known as Trigz, police said today.

See also: Trigz, Tattoo Icon, Murdered in North Hollywood

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department today said Robert Falcon was charged yesterday with suspicion of murder. He was being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

On the evening of Oct. 9 Trigz, born Michael Pebly, was shot outside a North Hollywood smoke shop after he got into fisticuffs with a man inside, police said.

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If this is the only cop you see this weekend, good for you. - THE CONMUNITY/FACEBOOK
  • The Conmunity/Facebook
  • If this is the only cop you see this weekend, good for you.
No totally awesome Halloween costume—not Elsa nor Ebola—will protect you from the long arm of the law if you're pulled over while under the influence.

We've said it before, but it's worth repeating: There's nothing quite as scary as seeing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror after a night on the town.

Lucky for you the Los Angeles Police Department and other agencies are giving you a heads up about where and when they'll be on the hunt for DUI suspects for fright night and beyond. Here's the 411:

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  • PornHub
New York acts like it's our daddy. But it just ain't so. It turns out that the city that allegedly never sleeps can't handle a little sexual innuendo. Its loss is L.A.'s gain.

The folks at adult website PornHub erected, and we do mean erected, a billboard above New York's Times Square a couple weeks ago but quickly pulled it down following complaints from the hotel on which it was affixed.

The "all you need is a hand" ad, which reflects the Beatles-popularized saying, "All you need is love," and which features the two-handed heart sign, is now all ours.

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Bobby Kennedy Jr., Bobby Shriver. - LEFT: AYEA / FLICKR; RIGHT: SHRIVER CAMPAIGN
  • Left: AYEA / Flickr; Right: Shriver campaign
  • Bobby Kennedy Jr., Bobby Shriver.
With the election a mere five days away, Bobby Shriver looked to get a bit of the old Kennedy magic by campaigning with his cousin, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., in the San Fernando Valley.

Kennedy is a well-known environmental lawyer and activist, and for a while he was considered to be candidate material. But his views on vaccines – that they contain thimerosal, which itself contains mercury which some say increases the risk of a child developing autism – have placed him in the category of kooky, left-wing pseudoscience pusher. After all, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine, there is zero evidence linking thimerosal to any sort of brain disorder, including autism. And besides, most childhood vaccines today contain only trace amounts of thimerosal, if any at all.

When asked this week about his own views on vaccines and autism, Shriver replied, "I don’t know the issue. I haven't studied the issue."

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If you're looking west from New York and other East Coast cities, L.A. is just a baby of city, a metropolis that didn't really learn to walk with the big boys until after World War II.

But, technically speaking, we've been around 233 years. And we do have some fairly amazing old buildings. Some dazzle with architecture while others speak through patina and all the history that happened inside.

This week analysts at the real estate website PropertyShark came up with a list of our town's spookiest buildings.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Should You Thank Fracking For This Crazy, Sub-$3 Gas in L.A?

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Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Oh, Los Angeles, we know you love to hate fracking. But like a lot of controversial science, it has its upsides. 

The L.A. City Council has already said not in my backyard to fracking, largely because environmentalists fear that the process of pushing pressurized liquid into rock formations to squeeze out oil contaminates ground water and possibly even triggers earthquakes.

But you can partially blame our 4-year-low gas prices, with some stations today charging an unheard-of $2.99 a gallon, on that very process Angeleno liberals so loathe.

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  • Office of Nancy Pelosi / via Flickr
  • Nancy Pelosi
Consumer Watchdog, the non-profit group behind Proposition 45, is firing back at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over her opposition to the measure.

The proposition would give the state's insurance commissioner the power to reject excessive rate hikes for health insurance. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board this week, Pelosi warned that the measure would disrupt Covered California, the state's insurance exchange established under the Affordable Care Act.

"If I wanted to kill the Affordable Care Act, I would do this," Pelosi told the Chronicle.

Consumer Watchdog responded in a letter to Pelosi blasting her remarks.

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