This "Judgmental Map" is Judging You, L.A.

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Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 6:01 AM
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Who needs neighborhoods really? Pretty names like Holmby Hills and Van Nuys (OK, some are prettier than others) don't tell us anything about the kind of people who actually live there. So if you're a hypercritical, condescending, snarky, slightly racist Angeleno, you really need this map.

The kind folks over at Judgmental Maps have laid out for us - as the name would tell you - a super judgmental map. It not only tells you where to find regular gay guys versus gay guys with beards, it graciously throws in tips on where to hike, eat good Chinese food and find lots of outlet malls.

It's reductive, sure, and pretty offensive in places, and aggravatingly dead-on in others. Of course, there are plenty of changes we would make: the Pretentious Dicks should probably be moved a little northeast, closer to Hollywood Blvd., Astounding Traffic and Worst Traffic Ever might need to be swapped, and hey, lay off Sherman Oaks and Studio City. They're also home to people who are just want a decently-priced two-bedroom apartment where you can still afford to Uber over the hill!

Anyway, you be the judge. What do you think of this map?

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