What L.A. Should Ask Santa to Bring for Christmas

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Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 5:30 AM

click to enlarge COLIN YOUNG-WOLFF
  • Colin Young-Wolff
Living in L.A. should be gift enough, right? On good days, it certainly is. But on the days you pop your tire on a pothole or pay $357 to ride across town or, you know, pay your astronomically high rent, you start to make a list of things you wish this city had.

If Santa or the universe or some sort of higher power is listening, here are the things we'd really like Los Angeles to receive this Christmas. We've all been really good this year, haven't we? We deserve it.

click to enlarge Do you have nightmares about this? Yeah, us too. - ILLUSTRATION BY PATRICK FARICY
  • Illustration by Patrick Faricy
  • Do you have nightmares about this? Yeah, us too.
25. An earthquake warning system so that we can all stop freaking the fuck out about when the Big One is going to hit.

24. The fast food chains our out-of-state friends rave about: Dunkin' Donuts, White Castle and Waffle House.

23. Free WiFi for the whole city.

22. A trolley loop downtown. Or a monorail. Or a mini hyperloop! OK, just a trolley would be fine.

21. A football team. (Though we admit, that's debatable.)

20. Some better Lakers. Sorry, guys.

19. Snow in Griffith Park so we can build snowmen and make snow angels and have snowball fights. Maybe just on Christmas Day; then it can go away again.

18. No more smog warnings, ever.

Turn the page to see what we wish every night around 2 a.m.

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