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$100,000 Weed Shop Robbery in Valley Village

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Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 7:08 AM

  • File photo by Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly.
In a town where weed is medically legal and quite easy to find, bad guys still find incentive to rob and plunder marijuana dispensaries.

Case in point:

A Valley Village pot shop was robbed by two big guys yesterday afternoon. The suspects reportedly got away with a whopping 40 pounds of bud:

That could be $100,000 worth of green gold using a $2,500-a-pound wholesale price.

LAPD spokesman Bruce Borihahn told us it went down about 1 p.m. at a dispensary in the 5500 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

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We found only one dispensary on that block -- Herbal Healing Center at 5507 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. We reached out to the store but were unable to get through to anyone.

Suspects described as "heavy set" men pulled it off, Borihahn said.

A lieutenant added that "they were gone when we got there." The LAPD North Hollywood Division official indicated that the pair used "intimidation" to get the weed.

"No weapons were seen," he told us.

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