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The 12 Most Overrated Things in Los Angeles

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Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 6:00 AM

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click to enlarge Tupac: overrated. Yes, we said it. - PHOTO COURTESY OF FLICKR/WISE.ADAM
10) Tupac

He's no Biggie.

9) The Magic Castle

Oh, what, you've never been? Yeah, you have to know a magician to get in. Or a friend of a magician. It's basically a country club for nerds. It costs 20 bucks to go in and you have to wait in line for 45 minutes to see anything more magical than a baked potato.

8) Hating on Scientologists

Along with whatever celebrity has fallen out of favor recently (it's still Bieber, right?), Scientologists are the favorite whipping boys of Angelenos, always good for a cheap laugh. But are they really that much worse than other cult members, like Christians, Jews and Mormons? Last I checked, Scientologists hadn't started any major wars, genocides or mass slaughters. Yet.

7) "Froyo"

Yogurt is delicious. Ice cream is delicious. Did we really need the twain to meet? Is something being gained here?

6) Pour-over coffee

Paying six dollars for a cup of coffee? Sounds like income redistribution to me. Thank you very much, President Obama.

5) Outdoor movie screenings

We'll admit, the hipsters make this look real good, with their picnic baskets and vintage blankets and general physical attractiveness. But even they can't change the fact that lying on the lawn is a fundamentally uncomfortable thing to do. Chairs were invented for a reason. So was shelter.

4) Improv comedy

Bad enough that these things aren't that funny, but they pack the audiences with friends and other improv comedians, who choke on their own laughter at the slightest provocation. Not sure if they're being supportive or caught up by some mass delusion.

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